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Thread: Are sonograms "illegal" or "outlawed" in Europe and Australia?

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    Are sonograms "illegal" or "outlawed" in Europe and Australia?

    Yeah, I know, VERY odd question. I am on this other site frequently, and someone had posted about declawing their cat. I weighed in on how it is illegal/outlawed in alot of Europe, and there must be a reason for that, blah, blah, blah, and the US is sorely behind the time with our laws.

    Well, someone's comeback to my post was that it is also illegal or outlawed to do a sonogram on a pregnant person in Europe and Australia. The intent of this person was to draw the comparison between what Americans do, and what other countries do, and therefore, one can't 'assume' there is a good reason to not do something in the US based on what some other country does.

    So, since I wasn't aware of the thing with sonograms, and not really believing it, I need to know what goes on in other countries. I don't want to post a snappy comeback, and find out that I am wrong.

    Does anyone know firsthand about this? Second, anyone know anyone that positively had a sonogram in Europe or Australia, and can tell me about it?

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    This is exactly what was said:

    Originally posted by GatesMommy
    Originally posted by Jonahsmom
    [br] It isn't outlawed in most of Europe without reason.
    Not that I agree with declawing since what my cat went through. I wanted to mention that alot of European Countries and Australia have outlawed Ultrasounds on pregnant women. My friend lives in Australia, and was telling me about it when I told her I was going for mine.

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    Wow that sounds fishy to me. I honestly have no idea, but I am interested to hear others' responses. I can't imagine why they would be outlawed.....

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    From what I could find in some googling (I was curious), I think it's a load of hogwash. I could find nothing to support that. I could only find some articles that India banned the use of prenatal ultrasounds to determine the sex of the child. I'd be shocked if someone confirms that lady's story is true. Perhaps the friend was advised against it (there are some studies that question the safety of them). Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will shed more light on it.
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    I can't find anything official, but here are a couple links for you:
    First one is a BB thread about an Aussie woman who will be in Europe at the time she's due for an ultrasound and how easy it is to get one arranged there.
    Second one is some guy from the WHO about safety concerns and policy in Europe(Some countries seem to only do scans on high risk women, others routinely).

    I have a cousin who married and Australian man and lives just outside of Melbourne now. They have two sets of twins and I'll guarentee they had sonograms/ultrasounds. I've seen the pictures!

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    I love that I can count on you guys. I will wait for more info before I post anything else. , this other site is so off-putting at times.

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    Are you sure that a sonogram and an ultrasound are the same thing? I don't know but would check before I zinged!

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    I cannot speak for my ozzie mates, but here in NZ it is NOT illegal to have ultrasounds on pregnant women, that is simply crazy, i imagine the same in OZ.
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    Definitely legal here . My SIL has had a few so far, with more to go.

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