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    Eating weird stuff

    My black/white cat name Joey.He is part Maine Coon. He is strange guy. I don't know why he is soo fascinated with eating toilet paper, paper towel and Kleenx. He would lick it wet, would chew at it and eat little pieces at a time. There is no smell to it. I don't know what attracts him to it. Maybe he is missing something in his diet. I let him eat these weird things. I don't know if it hurts his stomach. Should I stop him from eating these weird stuff. Will it hurt him or does it dissolve in his stomach juices. Does anyone have any kitties that eat stupid things? I want to know if anyone else has strange cats. Please reply.Thanks!!

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    I think he may have pica. Here's a link about it: Pica. I hope that this will help you.
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    My Howard thinks he's a vegitarian/vegan. He won't eat meat-flavored kitty treats and has even refused the bits of cheese and meat Jim and I have offered him as treats (once he even turned down a piece of shrimp and lobster sauce from the local Chinese restaurant). Instead, Howard likes to chew on the leaves and blossoms of flowers--when I have them in the house, that is. Oddly, he's never gotten sick. He also LOVES raisins. They're his favorite treat.

    I haven't told him that the cat crunchies he eats are chicken and seafood flavored. If he knew, he wouldn't eat those either. So Sssshhhhh! Don't tell Howard.

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