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    Ok. Here's the problem. Duke doesn't know how to play fetch at all. You throw the ball five steps away and he looks at it and walks away I never seen a dog like this. Can you teach a dog how to play fetch? And how do you? Thanks!
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    Unless your dog is a super exuberant retriever, Fetch is generally a learned activity.

    First, introduce the ball. Make it exciting and engage your dog. Roll the ball a few feet and chase it yourself. Don't forget to make fun noises (growly noises can incite play). Eventually, your dog will join the fun and she will start to mouth the ball. Reward your dog by petting her and running around in a play-like manner. Soon, you can toss the ball a couple feet and she'll run to it herself. Does your dog know "Come"? What about "Give" or "Drop it"? The hardest part is getting your dog interested in the ball. Once you've got that done, the rest is just a matter of simple training. Dog gets ball. You say "Come". Dog comes. You say "Give". Dog releases ball. Heck, you're already playing fetch!

    ETA: Just noticed your pup is a Beagle. From my experience, beagles are pretty split when it comes to balls. Either they love 'em or hate 'em. Try using a stuffed toy or rope instead.

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    We just got Duke from the ASPCA on Monday. His previsous owners never tought him sit, down, stay, drop it and all the other tricks they are suppose to know.He was also never at the park so I'm not sure what they did with him.
    Thanks for the advice. I'll try it next time we go to the park
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    Guess what...I took Duke to the park and he almost got the fetch thing down. I throw the ball and he chases it and tackles it. Chews it, but drops it and runs away from me! Silly dog...
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    As soon as Duke picks up the ball give lots of praise. Once he starts to learn picking the ball up ball = praise, you can start trying to get him to carry it a few steps. You could try running off in the opersite direction once Duke has the ball and acting all excited as you are running away (Well jogging, dont want to worry the boy) .

    Goodluck and it is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giselle

    Fetch is generally a learned activity.

    The rest is just a matter of simple training.
    Dog gets ball.
    You say "Come".
    Dog comes.
    You say "Give". ...
    Dog sez "Give WHAT!?" ... I left that ball thingy out in the yard where YOU threw it!

    First Shepherd Casey (RB ) had the "Fetch It" part down pat by age 4 months ...
    By 6 months she'd *wait* by my side while I threw the ball;
    then she'd Haul Butt to get under it before it landed ...
    in time she worked up to about a 50% "catch rate" on the fly - if thrown high enough.

    And thus ended her "Fetch It" routine ... she caught it, gave it a couple "squeezes" ...
    then *spit* it out and trotted back to a lovely *SIT* square in front of me.

    HEY - WHERE'S the DARN BALL, Mutt!!""

    "I caught the dumm thing - if ya wanted it BACK, why'd ya throw it away in the first place?
    Go get your own durn ball!"

    I got tired of chasin "our" ball ... An IDEA was born ...

    * Got a hank of very light rope - about 1/8" in diameter
    * Punched two holes through a tennis ball
    * Taped the rope to a straightened wire coat hanger
    * Pushed the rope in one side, out the other on the tennis ball
    * BIG Knot in the rope - big enough to not pull through the hole in the ball
    * Tied OTHER end of rope to belt or wrist ...

    ** Got'em One Each "Retrievable Tennie Ball" ** (Dog NOT Required)

    Didn't throw quite as far whilst trailing its "Tail" ...
    but sure was easier to "reel it in"!

    And the Sillie Dawg began to "play" with the ball as I hauled it in ...
    in time she'd be hanging onto the ball for dear life all the way back.

    Couple hundred tosses later, she bagan to "bring it back" faster than I could
    reel 'em in ...
    By Golly, I *think* she may have the idea!

    The current FurKids are totally Ball-Challenged ...
    They have NO concept of "Fetch It" ...
    * Cinder *watches* the toss; then wanders off in a different direction;
    * Smokey acts like I'm going to throw it AT him - he's running off as I wind up!

    Oh, well ...
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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