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Thread: Blue Buffalo dry food for cats:Recalled

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    Blue Buffalo dry food for cats:Recalled

    A brand of the Blue Buffalo for cats was recalled today because of the rice protein. The Spa Select dry formula. I dont know if any of you cat owners feed your cats this brand. I dont think a lot made it out before it was recalled. I'll post the link to where I saw this info.

    Also, melamine was found in the South African corn gluten. It appears the rice came from China. I hope and pray this does NOT hit the U.S.

    Here is the link to all the info. Also Blue Buffalo has the recall up on their website.

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    Sheesh! it seems there are no more "safe" brands for those that feed packaged foods. This is a monumental problem, for all types of pets, I wonder if and when we will hear about it in ferret foods, hamster diets, gerbil foods etc.
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    Thank you, Donna, for posting this. As soon as I saw there was a problem with the Rice Protein concentrate in Natural Balance I e-mailed Blue Buffalo because I know that they have Rice Protein concentrate in their dry dog food. I e-mailed them a second time this morning, and have still not heard anything back from them. I also checked their website this morning and did not see anything on it. So although right now they may be talking about cat food, I appreciate the heads up. Also Zippy indicated that she feeds her cats Blue Buffalo. I will pm her and let her know about your thread. Thanks again.

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    oh jeeze, thankyou thankyou thankyou! we keep blue buffalo spa select dry cat food for doggy treats(fewer grains, Happy cant handle the amount of grain in dry dog food, and grainless kibbles dont exist here) I ran to check the bag, and thankfully mine is not the same lot.
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    Thanks for posting this thread Jadapit.And Thank You so much Ginger's mom for PMing me.
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    How about it for dogs? My Nicki has a brand new bag of the dry for dogs in the pantry (we're finishing off the other stuff first)

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    Quote Originally Posted by catnapper
    How about it for dogs? My Nicki has a brand new bag of the dry for dogs in the pantry (we're finishing off the other stuff first)
    So far, no. I have e-mailed them twice with no response; however, I keep going to their website, and they are still saying it is just the cat food. I'm not sure what I am going to do. I may take it back anyway.

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    Oh great, I hope it doesn't go into the dog food too because we were thinking of swiching from Iams to Blue Buffalo

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