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Thread: Searching For Good Dog Training Tips

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    Searching For Good Dog Training Tips

    Does anyone know of good tips on how to teach a dog some tricks like lay down, roll over and speak. Things like that.
    I am a dog sitter and the owners of Lady is trying to teach her more tricks. I have been trying to teach Lady lay down. Since she is a hyper little dog, she can get distracted from her training. (NOTE: Lady will lay down but I have to do hand signals. She will not do it on command)
    Any help will be wonderful. Thank you
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    The way i teach lay down is to have the dog sit, show her the treat and lower it to the floor and say "lay down" or "down"..if she does this give her the treat and tell her what a good dog she is.

    Shake- have the dog sit, tell her "shake" or "paw", reach down and lift her paw, and then praise her.

    hope that helps some.. just be patient and consistent with her, and make sure to give her plenty of praise when she does it right.. she will learn in no time good luck

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    Smile High Five and Roll Over

    I taught my dog to give high fives by holding my hands up above her head and holding her favorite treat in one of my hands. Once she stands and puts her hands on mine, she gets the treat.

    Roll over was tougher. Once your dog learns to sit and lay down, you could use it to your advantage. Have her lay down then move the treat over to the left or right (my dog only goes to the right) and give her a small shrug to make her roll over. After much practice, she'll get it.

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    Sit - first lure your dog with a treat - hold it higher than her head and as you lower it, move your hand forward (i.e. so she has to move back but hopefully she will sit). Once she gets good at that, then say 'Sit' wait five seconds and if she doesn't do it, lure with the treat.

    Lie down - Lure your dog with the treat and bring your hand to the ground until it's palm down with the treat underneath your palm. Once she has mastered that, say the command, wait a few seconds for her to process and if she doesn't do it, lure with the treat.

    Stand - If dog is sitting, hold the treat in front of her at her chest level and move your hand straight ahead of her. Be sure to hold it lower than her head or she'll tend to jump up. Then when she's got that, say 'stand', wait a few seconds and if she doesn't do it, lure with the treat.

    Shake a paw - when dog is sitting, lure him with a treat moving it to the opposite side of the paw you want your dog to shake. This will cause your dog to lift his paw. Then say the command etc.

    Spin - Lure your dog with a treat and move it in a circle. Then say the command etc.....

    There are many more but these are pretty much the basics!

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