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Thread: Puppy Mill Survey

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    Puppy Mill Survey

    Not sure where to post this or if its been posted. Check it out please!

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    Thanks, Sammi!!

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    I did the survey. Our Sassee was rescued by my fiancee from a puppy mill. She was kept in a cage to have puppies. My fiancee says when she got Sassee, she was very shy. She stayed inside under a couch most of the time, and it took almost 3 years until she would go outside when called, rather than having to be dragged outside.
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    I took it...I think I only answered no to one question. I think that the only way these people are going to be shut down is to get the federal, state, and local governments involved in making stricter laws regarding breeding AND having the people in the field ENFORCING the laws...without enforcement the laws are worthless and the puppymill owners know it.

    There is a puppymill up to the northwest of us and everyone in the area knows about it, but nothing is done because the owner is in cahoots with the local law enforcement...that's why I think that it needs to be not just local or not just state or not just needs to be all over the boards.

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    I took the survey as well, I answered No to 2 questions I think. God bless those sweet little pups.

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    Thanks for doing the survey - maybe I should have posted this under dog rescue????

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    either way, some of us found it.

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    I also did the survey. I hope they shut those puppy mills for good! How sickening what they put these animals thru. I saw the pictures also -- how horrible that little daschund with the collar imbedded in his neck, just horrible!! So many stories, such a harsh reality for all this pooches. So sad.
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    I think that puppy mills should be banned

    Care 4 the poor pups
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    Puppy Mills.!

    My Name is Lana & Im a student,
    im doing a big project on puppy mills & was wondering if anyone can help me out. It'd be greatly appreacatied.
    you can reach me as
    solovejabari (the at symbol)

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