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Thread: "New" Feline Rabies Vaccine?

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    It's nice to see my own vet's advice on vaccination validated by another doctor.

    The subject of canned vs. dry food has been done to death on Catster. Some cats,evidently, refuse to eat canned food. In my case, I simply haven't the finances to feed only canned; I did upgrade to Taste of the Wild dry, which is grain-free. In the evenings, I split a 12.5-oz can of Dave's among the three housecats; they seem to love it - or at least one of them does, as the dishes are all empty in the morning. Smokey and Shadow get grocery-store dry, although the TOTW seems to be lasting longer in the house, so I may be able to start feeding the outdoor cats that, too.

    Years ago, before there was such a thing as a "premium" cat food, I had two cats that were free-fed on dry food; Cassandra lived to be almost 17 and went to the Bridge from a blood clot; Kalli was just 5 months short of 20 when she went from the same cause. I don't think grocery-store food is the best thing to feed a cat, but I don't think it kills them either. Cassandra, as I recall, was never sick; Kalli did develop diabetes which went into remission (and I understand that dry food may encourage diabetes); other than that, her major illness was an infection around the heart which was in no way caused by diet.

    We all do the best we can with the resources at hand; I feed some premium food, but I won't think less of anyone who feeds the "lesser" brands.

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    Rabies vaccine in Texas

    I live near a mid size town here in Texas. Where we moved from, in Rockport, our vets knew all the latest.They told us about all rabies vacc. available, AND didnt charge more for the latest. Also, we paid one small 'visit'fee of $10 for the whole cat "herd" of 15 cats. Not per cat. Here, where we live now, it just cost me $68.00 for 3 cats.That did NOT include the newest and best vacc. We are retired, and have to work part time, to just make ends meet. Half of my 13 cats are 'drop offs' that i have had to have surgically fixed. We cannot afford to pay that much for these vaccines, plus worry if the "old" vacc. may wind up killing them with a tumor..or leaving them handicapped from surgery. If anyone can tell me why the vets, who all are GUNG HO to get us to give them rabies protection, proceed to make it almost impossible for those on fixed incomes or low income to do, I sure would like to know. I am a lover of all animals, I cannot just 'give the cats to the city', that is to me, cruel. But someone has to say to the vets," okay, I am doing my part, now how can you help me afford it?" If my vets in Rockport can do things for people to help with pet care..why can't the others?

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    Between your post and what I've been told by a friend in Dallas, I'm thinking Texas is just expensive. She told me that she took her cat in to have his teeth cleaned and walked out with an $800 bill! I realize that a veterinary hospital is a business, but surely they can offer some kind of monetary relief for us seniors; after all, SS hasn't given us an increase in two years! I'm trying to live on the same monthly income I had in 1996. Perhaps you could explain to your vet what you've explained to us? You're between a rock and a hard place, but God bless you for your compassion!

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