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Thread: All my cats May have kidney failure from recalled food

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    All my cats May have kidney failure from recalled food

    I usually use natural Balance food for my cats and it really IS the best food I myself think anyway.Natural Balance Is NOT recalled Food.(Just to let you know...I still LOVE Natural Balance)
    But I DID use the recalled food (Hannaford brand ,Walmart brand,Iams pouch ,and one other I cannot remember.Or 2 others.I have to look at the the past(Of Course NOT knowing it was BAD).
    The only reaon I used it was because I had Mia...that was skin and bones...and she was tough to I bought her anything she would eat!
    The cats could smell it in the mudroom where she was seperated for awhile so I gave them some every once in a while.
    Me and Mike are so distraught over this.
    But if you remember..I posted Lucy having some sort of a seizure...the way I can explain it is..her eyes looked black she started gazing aroung moving her arms around slowly like a slow motion picture...for about 2 minutes.She did not respond to me.She seemed weak for a few hours after then seemed fine.
    She's been drinking EXTRA water that past couple months and seemed exhausted also.
    I brought her in today to be tested.
    Her pee has very little protein so that was good but:
    Her BUN is High and her CREA is high.
    I'm bringing in Marshall and Colby tomorrow.
    Next week...we'll do more starting with Tucker,Sara and whoever I think had most of that *tainted* food...that I so stupidly gave them for a *treat*.
    I always stoodby and STILL stand by Natural Balance hopefully the small amout of *other* food I gave them will not make them as bad as my newest cat Mia who wasd Already dying of Kidney failure.
    I am more worried for the other cats...not Mia.
    Mia was dying (It was I tested her)when I scooped her out of the shelter so that she could die in a home of love and comfort.
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