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Thread: Some beautiful dogs here, please look!

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    Some beautiful dogs here, please look!

    I have recently been looking back at old dogs of the day, and wanted to share some of them with you.. I found the coolest looking dog...half Yellow lab and half wolf mix...Look back on January 29, 1998. Also, another one,June 15, 2001 there was a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. She's a beaut. Also, one more, look back December 17, 2000...this is very interesting, it's one of those xoloitzcuintli 's . There so rare. Just wanted to show you! I know you'll enjoy them!
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    Come see the beautiful dog breed that I love!

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    The lab/wolf mix is Jan 29,1999
    I believe, that is the one I found named Duece.
    Check out this girl-- she could be Simba's SISTER!!!
    oops forgot to put it there!!
    OMG, I just realized she was on Christmas Day wasn't Simba born on Christmas Day, or is that someone else??? If he wasn't sorry, brain fart!!
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