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Thread: again, we rescued another kitty

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    again, we rescued another kitty

    so we rescued another cat. the other one ran off recently. My Bf's mom found one at work. well there were a few but the others wouldnt come to her. She is a Black Long haired cat. she was soft, tho she had scabs all over her (later we found out it was from fleas) she was also pregnant but not that far. this was about 3 weeks ago, so his mom set up a appt at the vet to get her checked, aborted, and fixed (most of you are prob against abortion on the cats,but it was her best bet, the little kittens woulda had a hard life, and we couldnt have kept em all we have 5 already) so Last Tuesday, she took her to the Vet and had it all done. she is all healed up now. oh yeah she stayed in her sons room since we brought her home, her name is Spook. we tried recently introducing her to the other cats, and they didnt like each other. she is really small but she is a older cat. the biggest cat we have (25 pounder) saw her and she scared the crap outa him haha I dont know how though. well the door has been open for 3 days now for her to come out, and the first day she ran 3 floors down to the basement and hid all day. apprx 7 hours. then we took her back to her room, and i just went up there she was at the top of the stairs then ran back in her room. she is fine in her room, but if one of us or another cat goes up there, she will hid and hiss, then come out and smell us and rub against us. shes sweet but is she just scared?
    Zoey <3 march 29, 2006

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    again, we rescued another kitty

    Congrats & good for you.. We need all the loving person for adoptions & rescues.. We need pics please..

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    thanks. I cant get pics right now, I am havin trouble with my USB drive . I will get them soon as I can.
    Zoey <3 march 29, 2006

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    She needs time to adjust!!! Don't rush things. She may never have been in a home setting. At least recently, she has had to fight fr her food, now she needs to get used to a reliable food source.

    I just took in Billy. He is 6 years old. He has been living in a home situation since he was 8 weeks old. He has been here over a week, and he is mainly in hiding. It will be at least another week before he comes around much. He has just started roaming the house at night. And yes the first day we made a mistake and left the cellar door open. he went down there and made his way up on top of the foundation blocks. Spent 7 hours there, as did yours. We had to get him down, bring him back up, and for now we are keeping the door closed.

    I think Dr. Goodnow can tell you she is ahving a similar thing with Penny's cats.

    So just let her be, talk to her softly so she gets used to your voice. And her name. She will come out into the house in her own good time. Rushing things will only scare her.

    Wonderful that you have taken this sweetie in!!!

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    Congrats on the new addition to the family! I can't wait to see some pics
    Thank you so much for my siggy, kittycats_delight!

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    You need to gradually introduce the cats. If you can, isolate the new kitty in her own room with litterbox, food and water. She'll eventually get the idea of a litterbox. Wipe the new kitty down with a towel and let the old kitties sniff the scent. Do the same the with older kitties. Time is what they need right now. After a couple of weeks, stack baby gates in her doorway. This way they can see and smell each other without any bodily injury. Hissing, growling and spitting is normal. After a while, take the gates down and be manned with a squirt bottle. As long as there's no blood shed, just let them do their thing. Feed them treats together. They'll remember this as a pleasant experience. Do not let them together without supervision, at least until you feel comfortable that they won't anialate each other.

    Remember, TIME and PATIENCE are everything.

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    You are all correct. Right now this cat has been thru the ringer, and she'll come to you in her own time. Give her time to mourn, and respect her right to privacy. A few years from now she may be your accountant!

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