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Thread: RIP Annabelle

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    RIP Annabelle

    It's a very sad story. Annabelle, my sister's 10 year old wire hair dachshund has been poisoned.
    In her small town in country side Austria- there is a mad man who throws poisoned meat over fences.
    Annabelle and her son Armani got some
    Armani showed the symptoms right away- they must have eaten it when they went out in the garden first thing in the morning. They rushed him to the vet and he survived. Poor Annabelle did not show any symptoms until nightfall- it was then too late for her
    Annabelle is the mom not only of Armani but of my mom's Amber as well. My mom is not very well these days. We cannot tell her what happened to Annabelle.

    I hope so much they get this person. And I cannot think what I would like to do to him.

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    That's so horrible. I'm so sorry. I hope the police do something about this man. I know they wouldn't get away with it here.

    "Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you?
    But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window." -- Steve Bluestone

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    REST In Peace, dear Annabelle.

    Sympathetic {{{Hugs}}} to Sis, Mom, and you.

    Prayers that everyone remains vigilant and the Bad Guy is caught before
    any more creatures suffer.

    /s/ Phred
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    Oh Barbara, how awful. I am so sorry.
    Rest in peace, sweet Annabelle.

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    I am so very sorry. It's horrible to lose a special furry one but to lose one that way is so much worse. I hope they find the hateful man doing this. Annabelle, run free at the RB. You're missed by your family.

    I did the right thing by setting you free
    But the pain is very deep.
    If only I could turn back time, forever, you I'd keep.
    I miss you

    I hear you whimper in your sleep
    I gently pet you and say, no bad dreams
    It will be alright, to my dog as dark as night.

    Fur as dark as the night.
    Join me on this flight.
    Paws of love that follow me.
    In my heart you'll forever be.

    How I wish I could hold you near.
    Turn back time to make it so.
    Hug you close and never let go.

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    Oh no, that is horrible! What a wicked person to do this - he must be raving mad!! I hope they get him!! Is everyone on the lookout for him. He will be lynched then!

    "I don't know which weapons will be used in the third World war, but in the fourth, it will be sticks and stones" --- Albert Einstein.

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    How terrible. I hope they catch this guy. May Annabelle Rest in Peace.
    Forever in my heart...

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    I hope that horrible man eats some of his own poison meat and has terrible, terrible pain that totally destroys his stomach.....and his intestines...

    Godspeed Anabelle...

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