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Thread: Question on Raw diet

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    Question on Raw diet

    Yes, I WILL ask my vet!

    But has anyone had experience with the following?

    Oscar had one UTI over a year ago. Very few crystals - mostly stress-induced infection that has been controlled with Feliway. (He was wild the first 2 - 3 years of his life, so was a good stress to be indoors, and another to have a new cat buddy over a year ago also).

    I am looking at a really good food with no grains or fillers - my vet's food DOES.
    It's essentially a raw diet in kibble form, high protein. Should I worry about the long-ago UTI, which was not largely crystals?

    I'd hate for Oscar to get sick again...maybe I should mix in some urinary formula with the raw?

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    Actually, just add in plain yougurt 3xs a week, see how he does on that. I have been very very blessed with no UTIs with my guys, and they are all on Raw, even Pennys cats are sampling the Raw diet (and liking it I may add )
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