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Thread: My Poor Hound dog sprained a tendon

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    My Poor Hound dog sprained a tendon

    As if poor Noba having Hip Displaysia and mild arthritis was not enough, the other day after a fun trip to the dog park, he began limping. I took him to the vet yesterday morning and turns out he sprained the tendon on his front left elbow... The vet put him on Rimadyl (I should just take out stock in that med as much as he is on it). She went ahead and did some feeling of all his joints. She recommended him to see a doggie chiropractor and acupuncturist twice a month to help with joint alignment... The put him on a recurring dose of rimadyl three times a week and suggested a full set of x-rays to see if his HD has gotten any worse and to see how his knees are. Poor baby is only 18 months old...

    She also suggested a FHO instead of the THR... hmm, anyone know of the long term recovery from FHO rather than having the entire thing replaced???

    Anyway, poor dog's been doing nothing but sleeping the last few days, he's so sore. I took him to the petstore today and he was limping so bad, I put him in a cart and he got first class treatment being pushed around the store...

    Send him some prayers that he gets better soon!!!

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    Pawsitive thoughts and prayers for Noba coming your way. I hope he's feeling better soon. Sorry I don't know anything about HD. I'm sure with some online research and help from your vet you can make a decision what to do.
    Forever in my heart...

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