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Thread: Help -- wardrobe makeover please!

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    Help -- wardrobe makeover please!

    The office is hot. I'm talking 80 degrees and the weather outside is a mere 65 degrees! ALL of us are dying already, and I'm told it gets worse (oh yippie ) This means I'm now scrambling to get new warm-weather clothes much sooner than expected. I had figured I could milk my winter wardrobe for at least another 3 weeks before breaking down and buying a ton of warm-weather professional clothes.

    Sooooo.... people I need help. I have a very limited budget. I already scoured the Goodwills in my area. I bought one whole shirt from the TJ Maxx clearance section for $6 (thats my price range )

    To make matters all the more complicated, I'm a plus-sized gal. Everything in my size is either frumpy and grandmotherly (which technically, I am a grandmother ) or waaayyyyy too young and funky.

    Maybe you all can find pretty new work clothes online and post the links? I need nice things that are professional, easy to care for, comfortable, and affordable.

    Here's your homework: help me and keep in mind I'm plus-sized, mid-thirties, and am an interior designer (so I can get away with some "fun" clothes). I LOVE reds, corals, bright pinks, etc. so I am not afraid to wear strong color. I stay away from black and other dark solids because of cat hair (I was lint rolling my heart out this morning less than 5 minutes after I put on a fresh pair of black pants)

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    Lee's outlets are great for tops. They have their summer stuff in now.

    Fashion Bug another place, although I dont care for their clothes, but then I'm in my 50's and their stuff is geared for way younger.

    Dress Barn is a great place to find professional looking clothes at reasonable prices when stuff is on sale.

    I hear Value City is another good place to find clothes. is another nice place to get stuff.

    Most major department stores are having Easter sales so might find stuff reasonable priced.

    Yard sales are starting up now that spring is here. Church rumage sales are great places to find stuff.
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    Check discount places, and even department stores - and don't forget to look at the men's racks. Especially as, for some reason, often the strong or bright colors for shirts don't seem to sell well to large men, so you can often find "dress shirts" that would fit you, but in colors no self-respecting guy would wear. You just have to get used to them buttoning on the other side, and maybe put in some darts to emphasize your girliness, that's pretty simple to do.

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    Coldwater Creek has some incredible buys in their on-line clearance...and lots of plus sizes....

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    Don't forget eBay!

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    check the phonebook for plussized consignment shops, i sold many many of my things there. there is a speciality market that some smart women are building on. also macys' has sale racks, so check them.
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    Thanks guys!

    Craft Lady and I seem to think a lot alike. I checked out the Lee outlet on Friday (its a whole 2 blocks from my house) and saw some nice things but right now they're still more expensive than what I can pay right now (everything was closer to $20.... they got more expensive in January when they changed their pricing poplict to make it "easier for customers" )

    The Dress Barn Outlet was in the same place.... they know me by name in there since I'm always loooking and keeping an eye out for certain pieces to go on sale. When they do go on sale, they all excitedly tell me that the top I wanted is 50% off, etc.

    I hate Fashion Bug -- that stuff is cheaply made and never fits me right. I guess I should have added "well made" to my list of demands!

    Columbine: I checked out ebay and almost fell over at the prices. I can buy dept. store stuff for cheaper, AND be able to try it on!

    Joycenalex: No consignment shops around here for plus-sized women.... I sure wish there was!

    ES: I had no idea Coldwater Creek had plus sizes! I love their stuff!

    Karen: would men's shirts really fit me? I'm rather... ahem..... endowed. I saw some gorgeous shirts in the mens clearance the other day as I was looking for the women's dept!

    Thanks so much everyone for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!

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    You are fortunate that you can wear slacks to your type of work. Once you find a pair and size you like, get a couple pair, maybe two different colors. Then you just switch around the tops, sweaters (short sleeve ones, for the heat in the place!) use accessories to change the look.

    Maybe even get a few solid color short sleeve knit T's, and put something over them for a dressier work look. Scarf at the top; lacy knit shawl. If that is your style. Prowl the clearance racks at Kohl's too!

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    Hmmm, I was going to suggest going to some good consignment stores (where I do most of my shopping!) but I guess if they are no good there are other places to try. Kohls has lots of pretty inexpensive stuff to begin with, plus they often have racks that are 50-80% off.

    Also, Dillards usually has good sales, and they have racks of clothes that are 75% off. They carry some nice things. Sometimes you can find some nice things at Target, too. I like their t-shirts and such for layering with. They have sale racks, as well! Good luck, and happy shopping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwina's Secretary
    Coldwater Creek has some incredible buys in their on-line clearance...and lots of plus sizes....
    Yep and here is a code for 40% off your entire purchase. It's good for the stuff in the outlet too.
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    I found some great deals at Ross last week and also a few at Kohls, I love Kohls.

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    I've found if you buy a couple of pair of slacks, a bunch of tank tops and blazers, you can kind of mix and match. I found, when I was a lot bigger than I am now (post Michigan went from a size 18 to a size 12) and my hot flashes were more troublesome that it is now, I'd dress in layers. There's nothing worse than being hot and sweaty and not be able to lighten the load a little.

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    I don't know a lot about the shops in the US or in PA (unless its' something near Bristol or Philly since i travelled there a lot for my last job), but heres some links to some outlet stuff .. i'm all about the outlet stores! And you can usually find lots of stuff fairly inexpensively. (click on your state)

    Cheers, and Happy Shopping!

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    All three have decent not tentlike plus size clothing, most of it is nicely made, (although I have gotten a few things from there that left a little to be desired), very reasonably priced. But the best thing of all? DEFERRED BILLING!!!!! You can load up now, get the stuff you need now and not pay for 90 days!!!!

    Also try, and Avenue has nice professional clothes, but the prices are just at the beginning of the high side. If you go to lanebryant, check their website for their gift cheques. If you buy $100 worth of clothes, they will give you a $25 cheque so in essence, you're only paying $75. They're also on the pricier side, but with their gift cheques, it helps. Very good quality too.


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    I don't know many of the shops in the US, but I'd go for a few quality items which you use with various other things - think color! What will go with everything else you have?

    Personally, I would not dare buy clothes online, I want to try it on!

    How about looking for a good second hand store? They often have good quality clothes for cheap prices. I got a pair a black Cerruti 1881 jeans I really like, I want more!! I almost want to write to the company to ask where they are sold.
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    Yes, Catnapper, that's why you try on the men's shirts until you find what size clears and buttons nicely (no gap-osis) across your chest, then you can easily tailor underneath (adding darts) to accentuate the fact that, as a girl, you have curves!

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