Well as everyone here is a part of the amazing burgeoning Goodnow household, I finally have time to update the wonderful and amazing people that call this place home.

Let us start at the beginning..............the macaw that was in the middle of her rescue while we were awaiting 6 furry kitties, is doing better than anyone hoped!!! She will be a part of her interview process, with 3 very qualified adopters Please join me in wishing her well and luck in finding her forever home!

The 6 Gangsters of Pudgy Pouncing on loan from our own wonderful Penny(catsindenver) are finally settling in, in a manner I am reassured by their amazing meowmie that is normal for them, they are rather shy cats, to which I think they are faking some of it, as it got them all fresh salmon and halibut (on a side note Penny I still feel awful that Angel refuses to leave the bathroom )

Io and Jupiter despise eachother Jupiter LOVES everyone else, we think it is because Io is not well, and hasn't been for a few weeks, he is now totally blind, and his eyes are infected again, so after his surgery (anyone know of a fairy vet ? one that will magically fix his vision?) to remove both eyes sometime in April. We will re introduce them, I am hoping that with Jupiter neutered and Io in no distress, the next meeting will have a better outcome

As for the rest of the critters the kittens are growing and being terrors, sure signs they are well loved and happy. Mama is spayed and there are only 2 others to finish getting neutered (happy dance)

On a note that truly makes me happy, a rainbow lory that was in rescue and was supposed to be a foster...................is now mine. My amazing and sweet husband conspired with my "bosses" to fake a foster situation and I am now reunited with a breed I adore. My heart Bird was 17 when she died under anaesthetic for an egg binding, our new baby is 16 months old and male, his name is Shrek

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that prayed for Penny, and prayed and sent love for Kim and Jupiter, and for keeping me so well loved and so much a part of your thoughts. You all Rock!!
Thank you.

Kym and Crew