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Thread: Sports Fan Rant

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    Sports Fan Rant

    Ok... my particular rant is because of a hockey game... but I really think this applies to any sport lol.

    As a hockey fan.... I love nothing more than friendly jarring and insults between teams fans. It's fun and most often is all done in fun.

    But last night... aFter watching the game between Buffalo and Toronto... I was very disappointed. I mean I know it can get heated between rival teams and fans are very passionate... but when people start throwing things at each other because they are rooting for the other team, to me that just ruins the whole spirit of the game. How can you really call yourself a fan when you behave like a knuckle dragging fool. that doesn't make you a fan... it makes you an idiot. LOL

    I mean... I love going to a sports bar (especially back home) with my family (we are all Rabid Canadiens fans) during a Montreal Vs Toronto Game. There are also fans from both teams in the bar. When the Habs score we are always loud and obnoxious.... when the Leafs score... their fans are always loud and obnoxious. both teams fans will always shout to the other that they suck or what have you... but both sets of fans are always laughing and cheersing the other fans. it's all in fun. and we have no problem sitting with both sets of fans and having some beers after a well fought game. To me that shows confidence in your team whether you have won or lost the game.

    I just don't understand why some fans need to be morons. It doesn't make you a better fan. It makes your team look bad and to ME... it shows that you have little faith in your team when you need to start physical action against other fans.

    If there is one thing all hockey fans... football fans... baseball fans... etc , have in common it is a common love for the game. why tarnish that? I just don't get it.

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    IT's the booze.

    As a Jokeland Raider fan I went to A LOT of games when they were here in El Lay....

    The stupid fan was just birthed..

    I made up my mind never to go to a game in person when I saw a video of the Raider fans pounding a Steeler fan into the concrete...

    The only difference between an AH and a fan is the number of stacked cups in their hands.

    The AH has more than 4 cups and is yelling curse words at the top of their lungs..
    The secret of life is nothing at all
    -faith hill

    Are you trying to punk my abuelita?

    I laugh, therefore? I am.

    No humans were hurt during the posting of this message.

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