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Thread: Our "new" car

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    Our "new" car

    We bought a car this week, too! A 1987 Crown Victoria LTD coupe! $1000 out the door, with only 110,000 miles. I know you're jealous. Apparently, this is considered a collector's item because so few two door models were made. It only had one owner, and it even included the original sticker from the window when it was brand new. We're talking a $16,000 car

    On with the pictures!

    Thanks for checking Elmira (her name, of course!) out!
    Doing my part to save BBD's, one dog at a time!

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    Wow, what a pretty car, congrats!!!

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    Elmira is a very pretty car! I think you're right, not too many two-doors were made. She looks like she was well maintained and almost new for a 20 year old car!

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