Brother Intellifax 1270 - got it two years ago at a second hand store, printed out the manual online...it's been a real workhorse! Love it - and it is a plain paper fax.

Just last week, someone was trying to send me a multi-page fax. NP. Usually.

Except I could only print one page at a time. Then I would get a long beep with "Check Paper" on the display. Then I would open the paper compt, close it again, and tug gently up on the 'next' sheet to be printed - which had only gone into the machine 1/2 inch instead of the 4+ inch waiting position.

ONCE in a while it would print TWO pages in a row - that's how I knew the proper prep position was about 4".

I figure the roller - the one that grips the paper on its way in - was dirty. I cleaned all the rollers with isopropyl alcohol. The main grip roller could not be rolled on its own, but I cleaned what I could and sprayed it with contact cleaner.

It's still doing the same thing!

Should I give it the day to soak in...any other ideas?

There was one place underneath the main roller, but out of view, where I got lots of ink when I cleaned (this machine has a film cartridge, so am not damaging an ink supply). Maybe I should just start cleaning there like a mad thing?

Suggestions are appreciated. (Will see if spare parts exist).