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Thread: Cat Track Observation . . .

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    Cat Track Observation . . .

    We have just received a dusting of snow, and my two barn cats (Moonglow and Jette) were sitting on the back steps, anticipating dinner. I noticed 2 sets of tracks leading from the barn, side by side, each one in a single step line, one foot in front of the previous. From the tracks my boys have left, it appears as though each cat had only two feet like us humans, and they are putting one directly in front of the other. Since my boys each have 4 feet, I assume that cats ambulate by placing their hind paws exactly where their front paws have gone, right? Otherwise, there would be evidence of 4 paw prints per cat. This may not seem interesting to anyone else (or could be common knowledge . . . duh!), but I am fascinated by cats in general, and this is yet another interesting trait I have just discovered so wanted to share it.

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    Well I guess it makes sense. Cats, camels and giraffes are the only ones who walk both right side, then both left side. All other 4 legged critters walk front right, rear left, front left, rear right. There are terms for the 2 types of walk, but I don't remember what they are called.

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