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Thread: Pua Late night Madness

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    Pua Late night Madness

    Please follow the link for pics. Click the thumbs and each pic has a caption and that helps build the story

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    please say a little prayer for this fellow
    They wrote asking for help and gave them all I could

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    Its a bird...its a plane...its SuperPua!!!

    Poor little guy will be in my prayers.
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    lol did she have any sugar??!!

    Poor LITTLE GUY!!

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    Pua is just too cute! I loved the pictures.. she looks like so much fun. =]

    And the little guy will be in my thoughts... poor kid.

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    I didn't see a location for Dude. Do you know where he is?

    Pua is sofunny! You'd better cut back on the coffee at night! LOL
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    My GOSH, that's one of the cutest little critters I've ever seen!
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    thank you Dude is in mexico the city and region is part of their name I beleive

    thanks all nope no sugar or coffee or even tea this time.

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