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    Hello everyone!
    My name's Beka and I'm a college student in the South (USA). I'm the proud momma to a beautiful ex-racehorse, Bold Archer. We're transitioning to being a hunter/jumper, so long as he continues to enjoy it and it doesn't affect his body.
    Archie has two canine sisters, Scarlette and Savannah. Scarlette is an almost four year old chow/lab mix, racking in at a dainty 25 lbs. She's spoiled rotten and loves nothing more than climbing and crawling. Savannah will be a year old next month and is a pit/lab mix, currently at 55 lbs. I'm expecting her to beef up some, muscle-wise. She's unfortunately been in and out of the vets recently. We've come to the conclusion that my little cuddler has a very, very sensitive stomach. Both my girls were the runts of the litter and adoptions.
    Anyways, nice to meet y'all!

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    Hi there, and Welcome to Pet Talk! We have lots of fun here, and love to see photos of everyone's pets (hint hint!) So feel free to post their pics in the appropriate sections.

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    Welcome to pet talk!
    Im Aly and i have 3 horses,1 cat,and an dog!
    My horses r name WhiteStar,Phantom,MorningStar!
    Mt dog name is Ginger and my cat is Tiger!
    ~Im a showjumper, an animal lover, a sister, and a great friend and the reason for who I am is because of the great people around me.~

    *Rest In Peace Blossum*


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