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    Smokey, you are a true cat What a character, what a personality!
    Enjoy your day! Your human friend is right to be happy for having you. We all are happy if we have someone to share our life with.

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    Your story really brings a smile to my face... like Vio & Juni said A TRUE CAT!!!! You sound like such fun I am sure you make someone VERY HAPPY!! Your mischiff (spelling??) is so cute and funny you are surly one deserving COTD!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! As I am sure you would anyway you sound very spoiled, WHICH YOU SHOULD BE (EVERY CAT SHOULD BE) CONGRATULAIONS SMOKEY.... I hope your day is full of big hugs and kitty kisses, treats, running faucets, and ATTENTION!!

    Alden is here!!
    7/6/2006 - 9 pounds 9 ounces 22 inches


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    Smokey - You're Soooooo Cool!

    We so enjoyed your story! You really are a character!!! Hee hee! What a marvelous purrrrsonality you have! And you are totally beautiful! Your markings are as individual as you are, and your mane is just magnificent! We wish you an exciting day full of fun...congratulations from us all on this YOUR day as COTD!!!!

    Noserubs, snuggles and many, many purrs....Bari and the Pride!

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    When I spotted your pic this morning , my reaction was a long : "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

    you are such a beautiful cat !!!
    you're humans are so lucky to have you around !!!

    have a marvelous day !!!!

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    How BEAUTIFUL you are Smokey! Oh, you are SO stunning! What a face, what a mane, those incredible blue eyes, those MARKINGS!! And what a character! Smokey, you remind me so much of my Oliver and Mr. B. Like you, Oliver loves yogurt playing in paper bags, drinking from the faucet and chasing and kissing the dog! Mr. B will knock anything and everything off the kitchen counter (his favorite is change, especially quarters) until he gets your attention and would do anything for an ice cube! Sounds like you have ALL of those endearing traits, all wrapped up in one fabulous feline! Congratulations to you gorgeous Smokey, Cat of the Day! You are simply fabulous!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Smokey, you dog-kissing kitty cat, you are so so beautiful!!!
    You sound like the most perfect cat and your mama is very lucky indeed to have met you! Maybe the dog will give YOU a bath on your very special day as Our Cat of the Day!

    Congrats Smokey!

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    Hello Smokey, you are a lovely feline. The colors on your coat are just gorgeous. Congratulations on being the cat of the day!

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    Smokey, what a handsome, beautiful cat you are and a fellow resident of San Diego too. I love that photo of you and I love the fact that you kiss dogs, I'm sure Miss Daisy would love that. Congratulations dear, sweet, handsome Smokey a true beauty as our Dog of the Day.

    Jackie, Miss Daisy and Perry

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    What a handsome boy you are!!! You are such a softie, giving kisses to the doggies. We won't tell your buddies. Congratulations on being our sweet doggie kissin' Cat of the Day today.

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    Smokey sounds like a heck of a cat, and he's a very handsome fellow, but you need to nominate the dog for DOTD for putting up with the kissin'!

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    Hello beautiful Smokey! You are a character , but oh-so-pretty
    I also have a cat (Wylie) that likes to kiss the dog! It's very cute.

    Congratulations to you Smokey, our spunky COTD!
    Kedi, Wylie, Rudy, and the dog Scout!

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    Smokey, those eyes are out of this world. I just love them and your markings. You are one handsome fella that's for sure.
    Congratulations sweetie on being our Cat of the Day.

    R.I.P. my Precious Katie, Katie Pretty Lady.
    Oct. 1991 - Oct. 9, 2005
    R.I.P. my Beloved Wild Hair Wee Willy Winky
    April 8, 2005 - June 19, 2009
    R.I.P. my best friend Buddy.
    Sept. 1993 - Feb. 04, 2010
    R.I.P. my handsome Mooky.
    July 24, 2002 - April 1, 2010

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    What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cat. And that's even compared to the other beautiful cats.
    Leonard Migliore

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