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Thread: Are any of your fur,fin,scale,or feather kids names unique?

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    Are any of your fur,fin,scale,or feather kids names unique?

    Mine aren't.Zippy,Pumpkin,Piglet,Nemo,Coral,Libby,Ruby, and Sweet P.are all very common names.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
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    They're kinda in the middle. I rarely bump into another dog named Mandy, but I have met a few. However it's by no means unique. I've never met another dog named Nova, Luka or Buck. I've only run across one Buck, one Nova, and two or three dogs named Luca on a couple forums. And actually, the Lucas are all male and of course are spelled differently. I generally like more unique names, probably because my name is so common that I rarely even respond to it when people say it unless if it sounds like someone I know

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    I suppose a few would be considered unique:

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    where I live they are.......hehe theres no other Ninja or China around.......LOL

    my birds are called Maui and Pablo.....not too unique but not too common either unless you are a person named Pablo.......haha , that one´s a peoples name here.......

    I tend to like rare, unique, not so common names because I like them a LOT.....

    sarah: I love Nova and more Luka, very unique names here too, but Luka has something about her I can´t explain.......Mandy and Buck I´ve heard a few times.......

    zippy: other than zippy and pumpkin...I´ve heard before
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    We have never met - nor even heard of - another Miss Hoppy, though they may be out there somewhere!
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    I doubt there are many other gerbils named Nightshade!

    Woohoo! I'm unique!

    I expect there are plenty of other pets called Tia, Twilight and Ebony.

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    all of mine are original except Miagi and Jenny are unique. not everyone names their pets Miagi or Jenny. with the others, too common.
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

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    Not the least bit... I've met a few other Jen/Jenny/Jennifers.

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    No, not really. I haven't met many other dogs named Winston (probably because most people feel the same way about the name as I do it seems - I hate the name), but it's certainly not unique. Morgan is somewhat common. In the year we've had her, I've met about 6 other dogs named Morgan. Tango is somewhat common. I've met quite a few dogs with her name, all were male though.

    The Dachsies both have pretty common names. I've met tons of little dogs with both of their names.

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    Maybe a couple of them. Shadow, Jack, Batman, Henry, Elvis and Jasper are all really common but I haven't met very many Kyras or Motchkas.

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    I think my pets have fairly unique names for animals, but maybe not for people!

    I haven't met any other Martas or Adeles in the dogs world.

    Seine might be common, but I don't think it is around here.

    Pippin is probably common.

    Vallis is not- I've never met another, but it suits him since it means "a Welshman."

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    In person, I've met Simba and Nala's but never Kiara or Mufasa.

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    I think the only animal in our home, that has a unique Name would be Loki.

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    Rutherford, while not an unusual name, I have never met another pet with that name.

    Biddy White Whiskers is probably the only one with his name, too.

    Otherwise they are all names that others have used before.
    (Amber, Ashley, Bonnie, Calvin, Fern, Hamlet, Jasper, Jim, Kim, Mickey, Monte, Shilo, Simba, Sterling, Willow)

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    NE Pa.
    I guess a couple are unique
    Goddess Goofball (Goofy)
    Belladonna (bella the cat he was the girl who daddied the litter)
    Sequoia (havent met too many dogs named that)
    Io (Karen named him after Jupiters moons since he is a fat red cat)
    Obsidian the Dull (he isnt the brightest Kitty in the box)
    and Lady Gummypig (my stepson couldnt pronounce guinea pig so it stuck)
    Merry Holidays to One an All Blessed be

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