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Thread: Ring around the collar

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    Ring around the collar

    Last night
    Mike and I decided to give Buddy a much needed bath (we have never bathed him at home b/4). Well the only place was the bath tub - and Buddy would not budge to get in the tub! Finally we lifted him in and he was happy to get a bath I think as he was smiling . I decided to leave his collar on so had something to hold and figured I would take it off today and wash it. So today I went to brush him some more (I have dog hair flying everywhere!!!!!!!) here his neck is a nice shade of royal blue mixed with a blackish dirt color!
    Now how can I get that off with out doing the bath thing again? Of course thats the only place that he dosen't have shedding hair .

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    Oh, I say it's Bath Time again. I have never heard of that happening (the ring). I can sympathesize about the shedding, my parents terrior sheds a lot. We have to keep him shaved close. Good luck with the pup!

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    Try that Dry Bath that they sell at pet stores. Its just like baby wipes for dogs. I have no clue if that will get the dye off but you could try. Good luck!
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    Remember, I'm a cat person!

    1. Apply Dry Bath or equivilent to clean the neck area.
    2. Purchase a new collar, just a little wider (to cover blue dye)
    3. Soak or wash new collar to remove any dye from it. Dry well.
    4. Present new collar to Buddy.

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    You can buy dry shampoo which usually comes like a dry powder which you spray on and then brush out.

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    Mollie, I don't have any answers for you, just want you to give Buddy lots of kisses from Daisy and Perry and me. Poor Buddy, he isn't even married yet and he has ring around the collar. lol


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    I bet Presley had ring around the tub!!!!!! Thanks for all the help you guy's. I used "SHOUT IT OUT" & Carpet cleaner! NO I DIDN'T !!!!!!

    I didn't want to give him another bath - my drain is probably ready to plug up from dog hair. So just used some baking soda and kept brushing it in. After I used a very wet cloth and it's not bad. Today I will set up his new baby pool and I can really soak his neck up.

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