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Thread: Finally found something useful for him to do...

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    Finally found something useful for him to do...

    Taught Trav a neat new trick today and he wanted to show his friends how he does it

    He's such a clever guy. I was thinking this would be a hard trick for him...boy was I wrong! He picked it up in 5 minutes. Its so hard to find something challenging for these guys We're still working on it though. I want to get it so he does it with me standing at a distance. Right now he does it with me right by him.
    Anyway, here are a few short videos. (each only a few seconds long..)

    Had my mom take this for me. Yes..that is me. LoL

    I took these

    If you haven't figured it out, I taught him how to turn off my bedroom light Very simple hand signal where I hold my index finger pointing down and tap the light switch while telling him "light". (Gradually the hand signal has changed to me just pointing to the light switch and giving the "light" command) He then jumps up and turns it off with his paws

    When I showed my parents they were amazed. My dad did a double take. He didnt believe I had managed to teach Travis how to do that.

    Hope you all enjoy his new trick as much as he does
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    aw what a good boy! Chloe knows knows to flip the light switch on and off also, though she howls the whole time shes doing it

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    Great Job!
    What a smart boy he is!
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    Aww- good boy! Galina is fascinated with chain pulls on lamps- and pulls them- but I do not think its that to turn on or off the lamb-- she just wants the little ball on the end of the chain... rofl..

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    hmmm...I bet i could teach the dogs that, and they can follow hubby and the kids around turning off lights that everyone has left on! cant tell that bothers me can you???

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    Who needs the clapper when you've got Travis!?! LOL
    That's a neat trick, so when you are in bed and want the light off, Travis can do it for you. Amazing!!
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    That actually is pretty handy. As the above. If you forget to turn it out, you can just send him. Too bad mine aren't as tall. I'd teach them to do that, and maybe a little laundry as
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    that's cute! Misty turns my bedroom light on and off, its a pull cord style, I added an extension so she could reach lol non of mine can do light switches, but only cuz they cant reach lol..well Happy probably could but she has great difficulty standing on her hind legs for some reason so she physically would not be able to
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    Haha yes, that is what I'm aiming for "Oh..Im too lazy to get up and turn off the light...Oh Travissss!"

    If anyone is wondering about the scratched up door...Travis did that when he was a puppy.
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