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Thread: How do you clean that brown stuff near a dogs mouth?

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    How do you clean that brown stuff near a dogs mouth?

    You know that ugly brown that stains the white fur around a dogs mouth, eyes & paws? How do you get rid of it or prevent it? I think Mr. Biggles would look more attractive without the ugly brown stains.

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    When the saline from saliva and tears meets with white fur, it turns the fur pink / brown. Once the stain has appearred, all you can do is let the hair grow and then cut the stained parts off.

    Here is a link for the bichon information station. It has lots of health info which may be of interest to you. Bichons are always white.

    If you scroll down and look in the far left column, under GROOMING, you will see tear stains. Click there for the specifics on this brown stuff.

    Hope this helps.

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    Awesome.. Thanks guys!

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    Get a bottle of Angels' Eyes. Seriously, it's like magic.
    It's rather pricey but it works wonders. The main ingredient is Beef Liver, so if I were you I'd use Angels' Eyes and once the stains are gone, feed liver treats.

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