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Thread: Sweet family pics!

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    Sweet family pics!

    Yesterday, iy was my dad's 84th birthday!! Of course we all went for a long visit, and celebration! My sis got the luminus idea to take family pics . What a splendid idea! We do have lots of pics, but never a pic with our parents and their 3 "kids" !
    Here we are then! Our dad is 84, I am 50, my brother is 54, my sis is 57 and finally our mom is 83 (will be 84 in March).


    mom with her 3 kids

    Mom's health is going downhill very fast now. Her MS isw orse than ever,
    she doesn' recognize us anymore, and mostly she refuses to eat and drink... .
    I am so happy we took this pics, they might be the last....

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    I am sorry to hear that your moms health isnt well. The pics are great, and i am sure means so much to your parents. Tell your dad happy birthday!!

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    Happy birthday to your dear Dad! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us.

    Your Mum may not recognise you but she will know that you are all very close and important people to her. My Dad actually said to me once "I'm not sure if you are my daughter or grand daughter but I know I love you very much" which took away any hurt
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    What wonderful pictures! Happy birthday dad! Lut I'm so sorry to hear that your mom's health is declining, but it is good that she had so many wonderful years here. Like Denise said, I'm sure that your being there was a great comfort to her. ((((hugs))))

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenBKR
    Like Denise said, I'm sure that your being there was a great comfort to her. ((((hugs))))
    Oh yes, when we were ready to leave, I hugged her and she whispered in my ear: "Thank you so much"...!

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    Great pictures, Lut. Glad you got them. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's declining health though.

    Your dad looks so happy.

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    Lovely pictures, Lut. You have a wonderful family. I'm sorry your Mom isn't doing well. What Denise said has put tears in my eyes.

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    I am so sorry about your Mother Lut. Your Father looks very good, in fact in the first picture I couldn't tell who was dad and who was brother.

    You have a very nice family.
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    Sweet family pics!

    How so Sweet & Adorable you all are.. Nice pics & thanks..

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    Your family pictures look really good. We also take a lot of pictures at
    our family gatherings. You and your sister look a lot alike.Thanks for
    sharing these with us.
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    Lut, these photos made me teary-eyed, they are beautiful. I am very sorry to hear about your mother's health. {{HUGS}}

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    Those are lovely pictures Lut!! It is easy to see how important your family is to you Thank you so much for sharing them.

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    What a beautiful family and a picture to cherish forever! I'm glad to hear that your mom enjoyed her visit as well! I'm so sure it meant very much to your Dad too, and please wish him a very Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday to your dad Lut. I'm sorry your mom isn't doing well. Very nice pictures of a very nice family.
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    Happy birthday to Lut's father! Thank you for sharing your photos!
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