This is what happens when a 6 year old girl and a husky have a collision.

The culprit...
Yukon: "I was sleeping the entire time... I don't know what husky you're talking about."

This is my niece, she and her best friend Yukon had a sort of running in to last night and Ta-Da.... now she has 3 less teeth to brush!
She's fine... she's not even sore, she was happy to go to school today and bring her x-rays from the dentist for show and tell!
That's my Girl!
She was worried about Yukon on her way home from the dentist last night; she asked my sister how many teeth Yukon lost! Ah yes.. Out of the mouths of babes!
At first my sister thought her face hit the wall knocking out her teeth, but she doesn't even have a split lip, no other marks at all, so we think she hit Yukon's head.
Sorry about the headache Yukon... but thanks for saving Julia from breaking her nose or anything else!