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Thread: Worming Advice for Jack

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    Worming Advice for Jack

    Jack is a reasonably healthy cat. However since Christmas i've noticed he's lost a little weight, he was very podgy. I bought him a laser toy and tunnel for Christmas and he loves them and has done a heck of a lot of excercise recently. I think this is why he's lost the weight.
    He is eating fine, and his toilet is fine also. He has the odd sicky saliver with some fur but that's all that's in it, nothing horrible.
    Do you think his recent deluge of exercise is why he's lost a little bit of weight, when I say lost weight I don't mean loads, but he's lost his fatty podgyness that he had?

    However I thought that I should buy worming granules or tablets and worm him just to be sure. Does a cat have to have worms to worm them or can you do it anyway?
    I've found Drontal wormers on the website that I buy their frontline.
    I've also found spot on wormers but as they have frontline spot on I wasn't sure if you should do two spot on's as it may be dangerous?

    Any advice about worming would be most welcome, and what you think of his recent bit of weight loss?


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    Drontal is a very good wormer. And (as far as I know) is safe to use even if they do not have worms. But, having a fecal sample done prior to giving the medicine might be a better option Then you only need to treat IF they have something. And Drontal would not work if there was a parasite (coccidia, giardia, for example) so again, the fecal test might be best

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    How old is Jack?? Is he an outdoor cat? Any change in his appetite? Please consider taking a stool sample to the vet before you so anything on your own. There are other thing besides worms that can make a cat lose weight, maybe a trip to the vet for a check up would be the way to go. As a nurse, I like to err on the side of caution...something could be developing...
    Nine is Fine!!

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    Thanks for your advice. Jack is around 11 years old (he was said to be about 9 when I had him, had him two years) so it's an estimate. He's healthy and has a fine appetite, he's bright in himself and is fine it all areas, eating, toileting etc.
    I think the small weight loss must be down to him doing a lot more excercise with his new toys, nothing suggests to me that there is anything wrong with him and I'm not worried about him, as he hasn't given me any cause to worry.

    It just occured to me that perhaps I could worm him. I think I'll leave that for now as I don't want to cause anything myself.
    If he loses anymore weight then I will definately take him to the PDSA to have him checked out, I think I'm so used to seeing him being a fat couch potato that the shapely Jack was a bit of strange occurance, lol

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    Hey Jack, keep this up and you won't be nicknamed "Sausage Pants" much longer! Have to get you a new nickname, haha!

    Hi Kate, at 11 it could be overactive thyroid too, which older cats are prone to develop. Just watch it for now.

    You know Ruffles was in for her annual visit in August, had a full blood panel done because she needed her teeth cleaned (they do the blood work before the anaesthesia) and she was fine. Three months later, her thyroid was acting up and she had lost a pound. With so many in the house I hadn't really noticed but she WAS eating more. I only realized that in hindsight. Now that the meds have kicked in she is back to her former self, and her earlier eating habits.

    Could be either the change in exercise (a GOOD thing) or something else. Give Jack a snuggle from me!

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