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Thread: Cat excessively drinking water.. seems lethargic

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    Cat excessively drinking water.. seems lethargic

    11 Year old female american shorthair, vaccinated while young (not sure against what)

    For the last few days she's been acting lethargic, moving slowly, drinking excessively and eating strange foods (Salty stuff, mostly) and she has lost weight.
    My mother and I plan on taking her to the vet this weekend, we think its feline diabetes, but of course we cannot be sure until then. Is there anything I can do until then?

    Please help

    thank you

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    You really should get her into the vet sounds like diabetes, but it could be that along with other issues..and I cant imagine she feels well at all...The sooner you get her looked at the sooner she can hopefully start getting treatment.

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    Cats don't show they are sick, for the most part, until they are very, very sick. I don't think there is a member of this board who would wait until the weekend to take in a cat with these symptoms. If it is diabetes, she could crash suddenly. If it's renal failure, the sooner she is put on treatment, the greater the likelihood that you will have years more with her. I believe she is eating salty things because the large intake of water, and peeing it out, has thrown out her electrolytes and she is trying to balance the losses.

    You say she had some kind of vaccincation when young. Has she not had to see a vet since then?

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    Well said above.... Get the cat to the vet ASAP!!! The weekend may be way too late for the poor thing!

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    I agree that cats dont show illness until its pretty severe. They hide it so well, the weekend is just to far away if she is that ill.
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    Definitely get her to the vet right away to minimize permanent damage to her kidneys or whatever's not working in there!

    Love, Columbine

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