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Thread: Would you own a Fila Brasileiro?

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    Would you own a Fila Brasileiro?

    I just wondered if anyone would own one of these dogs. Obviously, you would have to REALLY value the dog's devotion to your family over its sociability.

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    Never heard of the breed. I'll go look it up right now.


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    I wouldn't ever own one, simply because they certainly are not the breed for most people and definitely not for me. There are a couple Filas on another board I visit. While they sound like wonderful dogs, just from the information their owner has shared about the breed and the stories she shares of her two girls, I know I'd definitely never have one. I do like them though.

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    Gorgeus dogs, but their just not for me.
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    I never heard of that breed but I looked them up on google and they are gorgeous! but look at those lips!

    I am not sure if I'd own one or not. there are probably many dogs breeds I would get before having one of these dogs.
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    They're gorgeous dogs, but before looking up the breed just now, I'd never heard of them.
    They don't really seem like the dog for me. I love my mutts... and smaller to medium sized dogs fit my lifestyle much better than larger ones in most conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvofallhorses

    Reminds me of a great dane/ mastiff I saw once... very similar.

    I checked "what?" but now that I see, nope. I just am not a fan of large, strong breeds. (especially the ones that drool )

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    i voted no. I think they are too agressive for my household. They are beautiful dogs though!
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    Nope, not my type of dog.

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    If one showed up on my doorstep I wouldn't turn it away, but I don't think I have what it takes to be a full-time Fila owner, so I would probably start hunting for an excellent forever home for it right away.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    Until tonight, I had never heard of this breed. First of all, I wouldn't physically be able to handle a dog of this size. Secondly, I wouldn't want the responsibility / liability of owning a dog that was known to be aggressive against anyone that it was not regularly familiar with. I'm sure there are good situations for these dogs, but not in my home!
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    Fila Brassilero

    There is alot of information on this breed on the internet. I researched
    this breed before I went to the breeder. I have a 2 1/2 yr old neutered male
    Fila. Almost everything you read on this breed is true to form. My exhusband has the sister, she was never socialized and has bit many times. I socialized my male, other dogs, children, pets mart, etc. He is not aggressive, but naturally protective. Nothing like a Rottie or doberman. He is about 165 lbs. If you choose this breed, you MUST start with early discipline, "Rio" listens well, but I do not walk him in my neighborhood when most people are walking their dogs. His protectiveness carrys over to being a little weary of other male dogs, and men. If he senses something, he doesnt bark, the hair stands up on his back and he will lunge, it is all I can do to hold onto him, this is where discipline is necessary. This breed is not for everyone. Oh the slobber.....big dogs mean big vet bills........but they are the most faithful breed I have ever had or seen. They are so dedicated to their family.

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    i'd love to see pictures of your boy Beegdogs! Filas are such gorgeous dogs

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    They sound like good dogs for the right people. I havn't ever herd of them though until tonight. They are really cute but I dont think I would be the right person for one to choose to be their owner.
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    It seems like I'm the odd one out...

    I guess I'm the only person on here who would (and do) own/share my life with a Fila Brasileiro. That being said, I do agree that they are not a breed for your average dog owner. Before even considering adding one to my life, I did a LOT of research- and believe me, it's well worth it.

    When I first started getting into the breed, I was swept away by a "Big Name" Fila kennel in California. I cannot even express how thankful I am that I did NOT buy from that kennel- as they are basically one of the biggest "Fila" mills in the country (not even pure bred Filas, although they are "world champions").
    Instead, I opted to rescue.. and now, that's what I do. I have rescued two Fila Brasileiros (one we think may have some Dane/Mastiff in the mix, and the other is pure bred.

    Filas are amazing dogs, and I would trust them with my life. Certainly NOT a breed that I would like to see gain popularity, as although they are still a "rare breed"- humanity has already done a number on them >.<
    If anyone is ever interested in discussing the breed, please message me Or if you have any questions, or would like to know about my experience with the breed. My life goal has become about educating about the breed, and cleaning up the mess when people get them, can't handle them, and dump them. It's not a pretty picture, but they are definitely worth saving.

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