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Thread: Would you own a Fila Brasileiro?

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    Would you own a Fila Brasileiro?

    I just wondered if anyone would own one of these dogs. Obviously, you would have to REALLY value the dog's devotion to your family over its sociability.

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    Never heard of the breed. I'll go look it up right now.


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    I wouldn't ever own one, simply because they certainly are not the breed for most people and definitely not for me. There are a couple Filas on another board I visit. While they sound like wonderful dogs, just from the information their owner has shared about the breed and the stories she shares of her two girls, I know I'd definitely never have one. I do like them though.

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    Gorgeus dogs, but their just not for me.
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    I never heard of that breed but I looked them up on google and they are gorgeous! but look at those lips!

    I am not sure if I'd own one or not. there are probably many dogs breeds I would get before having one of these dogs.
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    They're gorgeous dogs, but before looking up the breed just now, I'd never heard of them.
    They don't really seem like the dog for me. I love my mutts... and smaller to medium sized dogs fit my lifestyle much better than larger ones in most conditions.

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    No-I'm not a fan of really any of the mastiff type breeds. I'm much more of a "herding group" person. I've met some REALLY sweet mastiffs, but they're not the type of dog I would have, unless it was a rescue for some reason or another.

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    Looked them up.Nope not the breed for me.They are very cute dogs though.
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    no..i admire the breed..but they are not for me, or most people for that matter. They are not social dogs.. they have a strong devotion to their family and their family alone. A man brought a fila to the dog park a while back.. while the dog was ok with other dogs he was very wary of everyone and stayed close to his owner. Cant help but love those floppy jowls though

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    Not really the breed for me either. Not turning them down due to any temperment horror stories though.
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    probably but I wouldn't go out looking for one just because they're not the best match for me.

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    I found this on a website. I voted No.

    Some breeders breed the Fila to have a temperament in which they say is more like the original Fila Brasileiro temperament. One breeder who claims to breed to the original Fila type states, "You cannot socialize a Fila to like people. You can obedience train them so that you are in control, but you cannot socialize them to like people. A Fila WILL attack a stranger. Period. If they have the proper temperament, they WILL. "Ojeriza" translates to "Hatred and loathing of strangers". You do not make them mean and vicious... they ARE... and there is no doubt about it. They are not a dog for a person who has an active social life."
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    You can't base a dog on looks. The most adorable dogs can be the most evil. lol Seriously, this guy on my street owns two pomeranians and are the most adorable things, but they are VICIOUS!!!! lol
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    Uhh they look ok but honestly,

    I can't stand dogs with droopy lips and buldgey eye's.

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    No. I prefer much smaller dogs ... more of them fit in your house.
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