I have something to share here and it is very hard for me to do! Some of you know the turmoil that I have been dealing with for quite some time concerning my daughter and grandbaby. Basically things have been bad since my daughter became pregnant with Jenna, 3 years ago! Recently things have gotten much worse, and the stress level has been nearly intolerable in my life. I have had to make some very difficult decisions in many aspects of my life and the one I am sharing here has been one of the hardest. Please, I beg that everyone refrain from judging me at this time. If you cannot be supportive of my decision, then please just make no comment. I truly do not think I could endure any criticism right now!

Anyway, I have spent the last few weeks re-homing most of my cats. I have gone from 28 or 29 down to only 11 remaining kitties. I have known for a long time that my numbers were far too high, but adoptions were slow and my expecations were also too high! I finally came to the realization that it IS possible for other people to provide good homes and love and care, and I just had to allow that to happen. I was very careful in who I placed with whom and I can honestly say that I felt comfortable with every new adoptive home. I just hope and pray that all will be best for my precious babies that I have loved so dearly.

Some of the ones that I let go will shock you, but I had to place the easiest to place and the ones who I felt would be best suited in other homes with more attention or less competition amongst the cats that are still here. I really did take care and time in my choices!!! The only one that is still here whom I may place eventually is BoBo (Bocelli) ... but he has been under the weather, so I didn't want him leaving just yet, until I am sure he is ok.

Here are the remaining babies who, God willing, will stay here!

Grace, Dexter, Roxie, Boots, Bonnie, Redfurd, Tabitha, Harvey (daughter's kitty), Panda, Sammy and BoBo. That is 11 including my daughter's kitty and BoBo. I don't expect my daughter to be able to take Harvey for a very long time if ever, and as I stated, I'm not sure about BoBo's health at the present time.

Things have been so much better / less stressful with just these kitties here. I never would have thought that 11 cats would seem like so few! I know that this change has needed to be made for a VERY long time, but it was so hard to do. I do believe that it has been a positive one for all concerned though, and I hope you can all understand that.

Thanks for listening!