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Thread: New puppy - peeing all the time

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    Question New puppy - peeing all the time

    Okay, this is probably a no-brainer, but I haven't had a puppy in 15 years. My niece just got a Corgi puppy. She is 3 months now. Her boyfriend got her from a pet store at 6 weeks old. Her little bladder must be the size of a silver dollar. My niece works and puts wee wee pads down. She used to use them, now she goes on the side of them. When I watch her, I have to take her out every 30 minutes (and she goes every time!). What is my niece looking at here? I know it gets better as she gets older, but I forget how much time it takes. And it's not her fault, when she has to go, she has to go. But when my niece has her on the couch or the bed, she squats. It's constant. And it's not like she's not taken out when she gets home. She brings her out constantly all night and all weekend. She spends more time outside than in. Why so much and when does it get better? I guess that's why I've always rescued older dogs. I can't see myself doing the puppy thing again. It's alot of work. But I sure do love them. Any advice? :confused:

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    Has she had her checked to rule out a UTI?
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    Yes. She's had some of her shots too - I think she's got one more to go. Otherwise healthy. Maybe it's because she's so tiny? I've always had big dogs - always over 60 lbs.

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    sounds like she needs to keep an eye on the puppy more, Puppys are way more likely to pee in the house if noone is around, or if they are "just" out of sight . I suggest telling your neice to tie her corgi to her leg, and he will go everywhere she does.. that way if he does desice to Squate, she will see him do it (then rush him outside , and praise)..
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    Quote Originally Posted by applesmom
    Has she had her checked to rule out a UTI?
    Quote Originally Posted by angelchampy
    Yes. She's had some of her shots too - I think she's got one more to go. Otherwise healthy. Maybe it's because she's so tiny? I've always had big dogs - always over 60 lbs.
    I'm just curious, who did the examination for UTI, the pet store's vet or your niece's regular vet? Does the puppy drink alot of water?

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    No she doesn't drink alot. That's why I'm surprised. Where does it all come from? She does it with me too. We'll be playing on the floor and all of a sudden, she'll stop and squat. Blew my mind! And I had her out 40 minutes prior.

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    For a 3 mo. old puppy this isn't the norm. Maybe she should be checked again, maybe kidneys? I guess another option would be to try crate training her, this way she could let the pup out less often, don't think she would soil her"den". I'm wondering if it could be just nervousness?

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    Puppies pee while playing, especially at that age, so her peeing 40 minutes after she's been out while playing doesn't sound unusual to me. At 3 months they still haven't connected that the pressure they feel means they have to pee (some do, some don't)

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    Does she eat wet or dry food? Wet food has a LOT of water in it so if she's not drinking much it could be because she's getting her water from her food.

    Now, all that said, it could be submissive peeing. Does she do the squatty peeing thing when she's excited and platying? Or is it just random peeing? If its random and she pees when she's not excited or receiving any attention, then she could very well have a bladder infection. I've learned to get a second opinion because vets often assume there's no problem so they tell you there isn't one instead of running tests.

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    She gets dry and 1/3 can of wet food.

    She pees in the middle of playing (not every time, but she did with me). She also pees when she sees my sister. That - to me - means she's excited. My sister's dog used to do it while she was running to greet me when I visited. That kind of peeing I understand. Maybe it's because she's small and can't hold alot. Like I said, I'm used to big dogs.

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    By the way, I didn't know wet food did that. Thanks for the tip.

    I just found out that she drinks alot too. I wasn't aware of that. I only had her once (she's the cutest little thing). I'm going to suggest to my niece that she try and get a urine sample to bring to the vet. It may very well be a UTI. I'll tell her about the food too. I'm babysitting her this coming week (can't wait ). Maybe she can get meds before she leaves her with me and she'll be all better by the time she comes back. Thank you all for your help.

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    I have a small dog and size has nothing to do with it. One of the others said it could be submissive peeing and to me thats what it sounds like. espically if they claim she doesnt have an UTI. hope all works out ok.

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    If you notice she is drinking more than normal, she might have a problem with diabetes, hopefully not. If she pees when she sis your sister that would be submissive urination.

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    Hi All:

    The test came back and she does have a UTI. She is now on Clavamox for 2 weeks. We'll see how she does after that. Yes, she does some submissive peeing but only with certain people. Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesmom
    Has she had her checked to rule out a UTI?
    I agree- .. You need to rule this out before proceeding.

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    opps that is what I get for not reading the last post.. As far as submissive urination, the outsider should not make eye contact, be calm and relaxed, glance and slowly, gently look away. This is dog language means, I accept you in my pressence, request nothing of you, etc.

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