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Thread: My Kitty Cujo!

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    My Kitty Cujo!

    Hello! i'm new to the site, and I have one pet that i would love to introduce! my friend told me about the site and she is new to the site as well! The pet that i would like to introduce is Cujo! She is 1 and 1/2 years old! i got her from my girlfriend and her name is Cujo! She's gray and white with yellow eyes. She's very odd! odd to the extreem! Anyway here is a Picture of her! Enjoy!


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    Hey! I'm so glad that your on PT now! i know that you'll enjoy the site when you get to know it! That kitty is pretty! should be i have the cute little baby from her! poor cat is stupid sometimes though! poor thing falling off the bed when you call her name and walk of the end! lol! take care!


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    Welcome to PT, Matt! I know you'll enjoy it here. Cujo is a gorgeous girl and I love her name. Hope to see more of her.

    [Irish Setter]

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    Matt! Yay! I"m glad your on the forum! Cujo looks so pretty! And yes she is odd lol, but animals would be boring if they weren't odd lol. Welcome to Pt!

    I will love you forever Bobo

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    WELCOME to PT-

    and what a pretty kitty!!!!

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    Hello & Welcome to PT!
    Cujo is just darling! And I love her name.. afterall, my dogs brother shares the same name. =]

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    Welcome to Pet Talk Matt! You of course have friends on this site i bet you will love it too. Cujo is such a gorgeous girl! Cute name too.

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