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    Hi My name is Becky and I am new here to Pet talk, my friend Kalei told me about this site and I thought it was an awesome site! I have a few animals I would like to introduce. First I would like to introduce my horse GLH Kitty Hawk. She is a registered Arab/Quarter mix. I have had her for 10 years and she is currently pregnant. Kitty Hawk is a very good sensational horse. She is also very dramatic! This is a pic of her.

    Secondly my dog Kasie. She is what I believe to be a Husky/German Shepard mixture with Rotweiler for sure. She is a unique dog because she pushes rocks around the yard with her feet and then she licks them clean and pushes them through the mud some more. Kasie is five years old now and she likes to grab my coat and pull me around on the computer chair. Anyways here is a pic of my wierd-o dog! i loves her!

    Finally is my soulmate Skyhla! I seen her when she was 1 day old and we had a bond ever since. Her mother got pregnant and unfortunately she only had three babies and Skyhla was the only one that lived thankfully. Skyhla likes many things like playing with a balloon and carrying many objects around the house. Her favorite thing to carry is her collar. Right now Skyhla is only 4 months old and she was born on August 17,06. I love her eyes! I think they're a nice color! the first picture was taken oct 4-2006 and the last one was taken dec22!!

    Hope you all liked!
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    Beckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'm so excited that you have joined this site! It is such and awesome site! You can post so many pics of your animals, and can talk about them, and just plain ask questions if you want to! I love it! It's great to see some pics of Kasie and Skyhla on here. Kitty Hawk has been on here once before lol. Anyways I hope you like your first reply! Welcome to the site!

    I will love you forever Bobo

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    Nice to "meet" you! This site is addictive thats for sure!

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    Welcome to PT. And you will find it very addictive, for sure!! My boyfriend always gives me grief for being on here all the time. But I just learn so much from everyone and really enjoy seeing all the pictures and hearing stories.
    Skyhla is absolutely adorable. Of course so are Kasie and Kitty Hawk. I look forward to seeing more pix of your animals.
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    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Hey Becky! Welcome to PT! You'll definitely find it addictive. You already know how much I love Kitty, Skyhla, and Kasie. Especially when Kasie starts dragging that rock on the ground and licks it, it is just too funny to watch. I'd say, "I hope you enjoy your stay here!" But I know you will.

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    Hello and Welcome to PT!
    All you pets are beautiful.
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    Hey i would like to thank you all For such a warm welcome! Greatly appreciated! All your pets sound amazing! Pets are definitely special in my life! when a human can't be there! they are!! i also have 6 cold water fish (sarasa comet, (2)comet, fancy fantail, shebuncian, and algae eater~!) thank you all yet again for all your comments! take care!



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