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Thread: just for fun...find YOUR dogs Twin!

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    just for fun...find YOUR dogs Twin!

    now I know that I have come accross or met dogs that could be the twins of my own, so though it would be fun to have a thread where you post pics of your dogs and your dogs twin and how you came accross your dogs twin lol

    first Happy:
    this past summer at Buffalo days I took my friends little sister to watch the "flying dogs" show while her sister and friend waiting in line for a ride that Brittany was too afarid to go on, and we wernt goona leave her by herself since she is 11 years old. so while we were sitting on the floor as close to all the dogs as we could get, when the guy let off of his BCs out and they were all laying down, now I was busey staring at Ice who looked exactly like another BC I know. when Brittany pointed to a dog from the back who looks identical to Happy, he was even acting just like her. , from the front there were a few little differnced in markings, but otherwise they could have been twins. then the guy announced the twins name..."Happy".

    other Happy:

    and my Happy:

    next is Ripley, back in 2004 I was browsing a board and had to do a double take of one picture, I could have sworn this dog was Ripley, I could see it wasnt when I looked closer, but a first glnace their twins lol the dogs name is Chaquita, and her lives in Texas. he is a Schipperkie/Chi. Ripley is a Schipperkie/Bosten Terrier.



    so lets see your twins?
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    Elvis and his Uncle Astro, their ears are different and Elvis is a little 'softer' looking in the face .

    Elvis left.. Astro right.. Tin in the middle .
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    I have never met a (non-littermate) twin to any of my dogs, but I came across these two pictures back in 2004 sometimes and thought they resembled her. Especially the first one, eventhough it isn't a good picture - Tango will probably look almost exactly like that when she's old:

    ^ That one is a Toller mix, and I think the other half was Australian Shepherd but I can't remember exactly.

    ^ This one doesn't resemble her that closely, but he does somewhat.

    And then there is also her brother, Shadow:

    ^ They're the two behind everyone else, and Tango is closest to the camera.

    I know I have a better picture of him somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment.

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    No matter how hard I try, I just can't find Belle's "twin". I suppose her best twin would be her brother, since they have the same markings, but I don't have a picture of him.

    Here is a picture of a Chihuahua/Pekingese provided by Have no clue the name. Cutie, though.

    They have somewhat of the same facial features, ears, legs, chest. This is what Belle's sister looked like -- minus the white on the chest.

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    HERE is the closest I could find to looking like him. Most of the pug/rat terriers I found were all under a year old, so they weren't filled out yet, Hopefully none get quite as filled out as my dog is. The dog in the link looks most like Frisk did at that age.

    AND while on the quest to find Frisk's twin, I noticed that he's the oldest Pug/Rat terrier mix on dogster. =]

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    Here's a English Springer Spaniel puppy that reminded me of our black & white ESS we had when he was a puppy. The recent pup has the same sort of sweet, "sad", soft expression as our Kodi did, similar markings, ect.

    Our Kodi actually did have a twin in his litter, the breeder only told them apart by slight differences in the size of the white spots on the right side of their rumps. We often wondered if they grew-up to look like twins
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    Spot's twin? (except the marking is on the opposite side of the face)

    A twin for Sadie

    This one sorta reminds me of a Sadie/Cincy mix

    Wouldn't these two be quite the pait with Spot?

    I have to stop now, or I may just have a new puppy (or 2 or 3) for Christmas!

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    I think my Zoee would be pretty hard to find a twin. But I know there's one out there. In fact, on the 2007 Australian Shepherd calendar (not sure who makes it, but I am getting it for Xmas), the dog on the front looks just like her, with the exception of the eye color.
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    Lovely twins everyone. Here is Tinny with 'Aunty' Kira.. they are from the same area so are probably all related .
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    Does it have to be a PT twin? I can think of 2 on PT. Probably thousands of others.

    On PT; Sadie and Colbi and Jenny.

    My gosh! PT Triplets!

    I'm getting carried away, there's 2 of each. Can anyone tell which is which? lol
    Sadie and Colbi look more alike than Jenny does, come to think of it...

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    there's a smooth BC mix in the neighborhood that share's Niņo's spots and a teeny bit of his body shape, but that's it. I found these cuties on the internet a while back though, even though they're a pretty far stretch.
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    Mufasa's Twin - A puppy in a PA rescue.

    Ki's Twin - A pal from Dogster

    Simba's Twin - PT's Daphne reminds me of Simba in the face.

    Nala's Twin - He even has a white stripe on his nose and white on his paws like Nala. Just smaller it seems.

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