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Thread: old members, zero posts........

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    old members, zero posts........

    I was wondering what happens to members that joined like from the start of PT and never ever post, so letīs say I joined about 5 years ago and never post a single reply/thread/etc.......wouldnīt that be taking up space??.......

    I know some old members com back after a while without posting and itīs good, but what about those that never post.........would it be too wrong to delete them..........not that I want it to happen but I was thinking about that the other day.........

    also, i know when you join there are more option you ca get use of, but being a person ho doesnīt posts, would it be the same as to be just a guest or what else changes (besides memeber options) I mean do they see the same sections?? same threads??.......etc........or just a selected bunch??

    just out of curiosity........
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    We do periodically delete people with no posts, if they never posted and joined over a a year or so ago. We aren't near our "user limit" right now, so they don't take up a whole lot of space.

    Someone who joins but doesn't post - or even those who never join, just browse, can see all the forums and posts, just cannot do things like PM people, or view certain user information.
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    I think it's a good idea to delete users who joined over a year ago and never post. After all, if they want to just browse in the Forums, they can still do that. A lot of user names that others might want, are being occupied - and all these Birthdays popping up every day! We don't know half of these people.

    But Karen is right, of course. Space shouldn't be a problem. By the way, I remember we had a limit of 8 images in a post. Is that still so?

    We've had this discussion a few times before, here are some threads:

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    I can see someone taking a break for holidays or for health reasons, but I think it would be a great idea for the poster to mention that in a post so that we don't all think they aren't coming back. That was a good post Husky Lover.

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    Not posting????! On this site???! Can't believe that one.. lol.. This site is soo addictive for sure! lol.

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