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Thread: Dixie and KayAnn

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    Dixie and KayAnn

    Dixie and KayAnn please send me your address so that I can send you your winning prizes from the "Patriotic Dog Contest"

    Dixie, Dixie the Marine won and Dusy came in fourth.

    KayAnn, Simba came in third.

    I would like to get the prizes out as when Perry comes home we won't have much time except to take care of Daisy and Perry most all the time.

    If anyone else has their address could you please send it to [email protected]


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    When did this contest start? How come i never knew about it!

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    Jackie, you do not need to worry about this at this time. I will email you but you have enough to take care of without worrying about this.

    Melissa, the contest was on Jackie's community For the Love of Dogs. Members there sent in photos and the judging ended on Saturday June 8th. Here is the link for the photos that were entered.

    Patriotic Dog Contest

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    What a wonderful contest!

    Congrats to the winners. Go USA!
    ~Kimmy, Chipper, Zam, Logan, Raptor, Nimrod, June, Mei, Jasper, Esme, Lucy Inara, & Morla
    RIP my sweet Kia

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    Oh thank you Candy. The pictures are all wonderful and Congrats You emailed me some pictures and i was wondering what it was all about.. They were sure lovely pictures
    I remember a long time ago Angel telling me about Jackies place and was going to see about if i was allowed to join but i never heard anything about it.. Now to think of it i havn't emailed Angel for a long time either.. I'm horrible at keeping up with emails.. These sites are wonderful for keeping in contact with people.

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