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Thread: Cataract surgery?

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    Cataract surgery?

    Has anyone had a pet go through cataract surgery?

    If so, I would like to hear about your direct experiences.


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    The following links might be helpful.

    Your pet and Cataract Surgery

    Animal Eye Care

    I've never had a pet with cataracts, but I had them years ago.

    Anyway, I imagine that keeping the animal somewhat quiet would be the norm. My doc was adamant that I not do any lifting or straining for days. I also had to wear an eyeguard for several nights.

    Implants are the norm for humans. I saw a show that had a horse getting implants or contact lenses after the surgery. Implants also protect the retina from UV radiation, although my doc was adamant that I wear the blue blockers forever. Which I haven't. I do have sunglasses, though.

    Read the literature and ask questions about the implants. These are important for close-up vision but will not be 100%.

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