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Thread: KittyHawk's Wintercoat!:)

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    KittyHawk's Wintercoat!:)

    About a day ago when it snowed my bestfriend took a few more pics of her horse KittyHawk! KittyHawk's pregnancy seems to be coming along fine right now as in the pics you can see that she is getting a little round belly, not too big yet though. There is one pic too where you can see where she has artheritis in her knee and how bent her leg stands. Poor Kitty, but she is sure a happy horse! The winter usually bothers that knee sadly. We are thinking of making some kind of brace for that leg or buying one. Anyways here they are!

    Here's one showing her beautiful thick winter coat!

    This is the one that you can see the artheritis in her left knee, or her right from her point of view, anyway you can see how her leg bends in when she stands and walks.

    I thought I'd put this one because the snow scene is so pretty and in the corner behind the truck you can see KittyHawk's head peeking around.

    And here is the same one closer up so you can see Kitty easier. It lookes like she is playing Peek a Boo! lol.

    I will love you forever Bobo

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    Aww, great pictures!! I love seeing the horse pictures on here, there aren't very many of us that have horses here!

    I'll have to get some pictures of my boys' winter coats this weekend to share!
    Maggie [lab x germanshepherd], Autumn [Cattle dog x chow], C.P. [Domestic short hair] Henry [domestic short hair] Mittens [siamese/ x ], Buck [paint horse], Indy [Paint horse]

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    Very pretty horse, it looks like a winter wonderland there! You could take some excellent christmas photos there!

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    I love that ol Gray mare! i love her very much! She is mah Baby! Poor girl! hopefully she can deck it out!! take care ***Waves***


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