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Thread: Me and Pua

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    Me and Pua

    I'm on some nice exotic pet friendly groups/forums but was bored and looking for new ones. Kept finding pet boards with exotic sections but then reading the posts they were against real or rarer exotics and only wanted little pet store exotics. One even rejected my applicaton just because I listed that I had Pua in there list of "pets you have" space on the ap. I had high hopes because someone posted a picture of themselves holding a wallaby there.

    Okay so enough moaning, lol.

    I happen to have pictures of myself holding a wallaby too and a fennec. Bottle raised a deer and worked with lots of them.

    Curent pets
    Tamandua, Pua

    Rabbit, Jupiter

    Norweigen forest cat mix, Kat (she absolutely refused to respond to any other name)

    Chihuahua/chinese crested mix Quasimoto

    Chihuahua/Mini Pin mix Hyzzie(Hyzenthlay Foresight)

    Guenia pig chocolate color Dragon fly(excuse the poop pellets in his bowl it was at the end of the day, messy little beasts)

    Guinea pig half teddy(frizzy) red and white spots Lady bug(this is the cage they were dropped off in. I'd never allow a rusted feeder[switched to bowl in above picture])

    And that's probably it till I move in a year or two.

    my pets blog
    All my pet pics are on my blog but here's some of them in a gallary for easy viewing


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    Welcome to PT.You will fit right in.I am Nikki and have 2 cats and 4 betta fish.Could you please tell me what a Pua is?
    Yours is very cute btw.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
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    a Pua is a spoiled little girl, lol. Pua is her name it means Heart in Tupi an anchient south american language. She's a Tamandua and in Tupi Tamandua means ant catcher. A tamandua is an anteater. There are 3 types of true anteater. Giant antears. Tamanduas, 2 different species, and pigmy or silky anteaters. All from south america though tamandua fossils have been found in the UK. They've been around unchanged forever.

    I made a caresheet since there weren't any others out there

    But i like ADW for most acurate general animal info on most species when you need to look something up.

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    Pua is a very interesting pet. What is she like?

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    You have very original pets!! WELCOME TO PET TALK !!

    I am owned by 4 cats, a bunny and fishes
    Oh, I am Lut!

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    thanks for the welcome.

    She is very sweet and loving. She enjoys grooming me and wants to hug me as she sleeps. She likes play fighting and wrestling and poking my fingers and toes with her claws. She will claw up and lick up the mush from apples, bannas, and kiwi. She gets a special gruel of all kinds of things. She prefers her food very cold even though it sometimes makes her squirm. She wont eat it if I warm it up. She also loves long walks in the woods when the weather is nice and will run along. she doesn't have body odar but her pee is a bit skunky. She's good about using her pee pads.

    During the day she sleeps in her hanging hammock or in my lap. Her favorite sleeping position is balled up so that she's sleeping on her own head. She does okay with the other pets either ignoring them or avoiding the more ornery ones. She will eat ants and termites when she fonds them on a walk. She likes the black ants strait from the nest. She can hang by her tail but prefers to keep her feet on something. she has gone up the door frame before. She keeps my ears and belly button clean with her tongue too. she is mostly active in the evenings and keeps her self groomed a lot similar to a cat but mostly using her claws to comb her fur. She will give her self a good licking from time to time. She can be messy with her food, dipping her claws in it. It's instinct for an anteater to claw at their food due to having to claw open temite nests.

    She's very smart. Learned the way out of my room the first time she found my door. She knew what a door was any time she came across one after that. She knows several words including her name.

    Last night she went wild running all around the house we took turns chasing each other short distances then having a play fight and wrestle before another chase.

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    WOW!!! Pua is a beautiful girl, as well as very interesting!! May I ask where you got her?? You have alot of animals, you will fit in here very well! Welcome to PT!!

    I didn't slap you, I just high fived your Face!
    I've Been Boo'd!!

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    I got her from a guy in FL they are very hard to get. I know of several sources though. It took me over a ynear to get her from the guy I delt with but will use someone else next time, for more than just how long it took cuz it can take awhile. Occasionaly someone asks that thinks they want one then I dirrect them to my yahoo group dedicated to their care where we have several owners/keepers there, and to my care sheet. then in the end if they still really want one I'm willing to share where to get them if they hasven't gotton that info yet and who to avoid.


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