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    What a pleasure to see your glorious photo, and read of how you were rescued from that mean duck and have imprinted upon your kind Mommy! You sound like a love and a joy, darling, and may you have a wonderful, "just ducky" day as our honoured POTD, Bumby! Do you enjoy swims in the bathtub? I had a duck that I hatched in an incubator named Jerusha, and whenever I put her in the bathtub she got soaked to the skin as her feathers were not repelling the water. I wonder if the technique of activating the oil glands is something the mother ducks teach their young . . . ? Sounds like you have it made, sweetheart, water or no water. Especially after that awful experience you initially had, I'm sure you don't want any part of water. Blessings to you for a long and happy life, beautiful Bumby!

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    Bumby you are just adorable!!! ♥♥♥

    You look like the ducks who used to share our wading pool when I was a little kid!!! I love ducks!!! I'm so glad your human saved you and you have a wonderful indoor life now. Swimming is over rated sometimes anyway!
    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Precious Bumby! My heart melted as I read your biol! What an amazing tale of rescue your Mom describes. Poor, little baby Bumby What a harrowing first day of life and what a close call! Thank goodness your Mommy was there to save you and just in the nick of time! She is a true hero and you sweetheart, a true survivor! It's no surprise to hear of the extra special bond of love and devotion you two share, best buds for life!! Even without feathers, a duck couldn't ask for a better Mommy than yours and a human couldn't hope for a more loving and devoted best friend than you! So, you're a house duck??? Hehe Well, I'm sure after your traumatic first days of life, home and close to your Mom is just where you want to be! Thanks to your Mom for sharing your special story with us! You are one EXTRA special and MOST deserving Sunday Pet of the Day. precious Bumby! Gentle cuddles and kisses to sweetheart with hopes for a long, healthy and happy life with your terrific Mom! Hope you're enjoying a very happy and fun filled day of celebration, Bumby!

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    Bumby sure is a beautiful pekin duck! I use to have a pekin, but mine was a girl. Her name was Apple. I love ducks and Bumby is so cute! I'm so glad you saved him. I bet he loves you so much for that I have a Muscovy duck that I saved 3 years ago. She was without a mom and she looked only about a day old. I knew she couldn't live on her own at that young of an age, so I brought her home with me. Now, she's a happy little girl and I still have her! I love her to death! Congratulations for Pet of the Day!!!!!!!
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    What a cutie. I smiled and smiled when I saw your picture and read your story. Are you potty trained? What are your favorite foods? Do you watch TV with your mommy? I had ducks growing up but they were always outside. You are so very very special and so is your mommy. Congrats on by POTD.

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    Bumby! What a sweet story! You're a house duck! What do you like to eat? Do you like to look out the window at the birds and grass and trees? Wishing you health and longevity, sweety! Happy Pet-of-the-Day to you.
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    Bumby - What a wonderful story!

    What a wonderful story! I had two pekins and a female mallard. One of the pekins was larger than the other two. He always looked out for them. They grew up together from babies and never ventured farther than two or three feet from each other. I gave them to someone who loves ducks and has a large pond to accomodate them. Thank you for the great story. That is an outstanding photo! ~ Janice

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    Thanks everyone!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I didn't even know he was pet of the day! Bumby eats duck pellets and takes a bath (just water) everyday in the tub for two hours. This takes the pressure off of his feet and allows him to relax and float. Bumby likes tomatoes, green pepper, and spinach as treats. He lives in the house and has his own bedroom and his own ducky diaper bag full of toys. He is not potty trained, ducks can not be potty trained unfortunately, so we have rugs placed in the areas that he spends most of his time. The rugs get washed 2 or 3 times a week, and we clean up after him when he goes. Bumby will sometimes tolerate me holding him, but he would rather just lay in front of me. I am so excited he was pet of the day!! Thanks everyone for the nice comments. If anyone on here has pet ducks and are interested, there is a Yahoo! group called Pet Ducks R Us that is a group of people all with pet ducks inside and outside.
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    That's a great story that you were able to save him and give him a good life.

    One of the ducks on the lake where we used to live would adopt all the stray ducklings that got lost. At one time she had 27 babies following her around of all different ages and sizes and even different species and breeds of ducks.


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