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Thread: I could explode!

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    I could explode!

    My class at school has been reading a book on the Holocaust, and some of the things we have found out simply make me sick. Everytime we finish a chapter, I feel like killing the Nazi's until I force myself to calm down and remember that they were only doing what they thought was right. Still! Decimation? Burning the Jewish people's sacred books? Shooting people because they had a bad dream and were screaming? Shoving 130 peole ito a cattle car?(we've all seen them before)
    If you don't understand why I am so upset, go to and search Holocaust, or Dr. Josef Melenge. (sometimes you might have to add holocaust to some part of this) But I am warning you, you will forever be scarred by what you read and see.

    *Edit*I found a good[ugh, not good, but good] website that explains alot...
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    Humans are truly capable of some sickening acts.
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    I know what you mean, it's the sickest thing I've ever heard of. We were learning about slavery a while back in Social Studies and I couldn't believe some of it. Now we're onto the Civil War(I love learning about wars!) and Gettysburg really took a toll on me. I want to go so bad , I'm very close, but I'm afraid of what my own reaction will be.

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    Here is an excellent book for you to read.
    It is a story about a Christian family who hid Jews during the Holocaust. It is troubling that humans can do these things. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a God and a Satan.

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    When I was in school we did not study the holocaust. After I was out of college I was traveling in Europe and a visit to one of the concentration camps was on the itinerary.

    I was shocked and appalled. I could not understand. I began to study to try to understand. I read everything I could find..."The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", "Mein Kampf" and more personal accounts than you can imagine. I studied the history of the war as well.

    What I learned is how easily people can be lead. How useful fear -- even the threat of fear -- is to people who want to control others. How important it is that we not accept unquestioningly what the government...or anyone else says. And that forbidding criticism of the government is very, very dangerous.

    And I learned that...just as there are bad people...and very, very bad people, there are also good people...but mostly there are people who are just trying to survive.

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    I have not studied the Holocaust, but I did do a report on Adolf Hitler, and I learned some things about the Nazis. Truly sick people.

    But you are right about one thing: they were only doing what they thought was right. And although what they thought was right was wrong and sick, it was what they believed in. Just like when we have a leader of some group or something we are a part of, they do what they think is right and we follow because we think it is right as well.

    Don't get me wrong though, I am one hundred percent against them and what they did.

    Kind of off topic, but what also makes me mad is when people make jokes about the Nazis, and one time on TV I saw this show where this guy thought it would be funny to go out wearing the Nazi sign around his arm and stuff. No joke about that stuff will ever be funny.

    I've heard people say that in time, it will be okay and funny to joke about things that have happened. But the Nazis are not one of them.

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    I think everyone should learn about the Holocaust.
    It truly shows how Evil us humans can be, some did nothing,
    while others who risk/gave their lives were heroes and gave humanity hope.


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    The holocaust truely was thecruelest time in history. People killing others in such cruel, sick ways

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    I learned about the Holocaust in 7th grade English class, of all places. I had an unusual English teacher who would use social events to teach us about journalism and critical thinking. We had to read Anne Frank's diary, and do research on the Holocaust and how it started, the Big Lie and all the rest.

    I remember watching Band of Brothers a couple of years ago, and the reactions on the soldiers' faces when they liberated one of the concentration camps.

    People like President Ahmadinijad (sp?) of Iran absolutely get me crazy when they deny that the Holocaust existed. Tell that to the survivors with tattoos on their forearms.
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    Another good book to read about the Holocaust is NIGHT. It's so sad to think what those people had to live through.
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    A good movie is "The Pianist" (sp).

    The Natzi' wern't the only group of people doing that kind of sick thing. There was that horrid Rewanda slaying. That was some sick shat as well.. sure there was no ovens, poisons.. but they were killed/cut/beaten like animals, which is = as sick.

    Then there was the North Americans killing & raping the indians.

    Pretty much all cultures have done some sick shat to other cultures.

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    The book I was/am reading is I have Lived A Thousand Years. It's really good, but soooooooo sad! I'm not reading it now, we're doinga christmascarl now, but I want to finish it. *shudder* I just found out about the crematoriums(sp?) AND the tattooing, AND decimation. I never wanted to learn those things, and I made the mistake of researching the Holocaust. If you ever do searchit, the Holocaust online archives are a great place, but they have SICKENING pictures.

    These poor people were regularly called names that are in german but I had them translated and mean horrible things, yu know what I mean

    it sickensme to even think that humans, HUMANS LIKE US could whip people and starve them and shoot them and all sorts of things without even hesitating...sad...

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    In terms of sheer body count, the Nazis were pikers.

    Stalin killed between 20 and 40 million by starvation.

    Mao's "Great leap forward" or whatever you care to call his slaughter, killed between 60 and 100 million Chinese, and no one is really sure.

    That having been said.......

    I've been to a concentration camp site. While in Germany for an exercise, I visited Bergen-Belsen, a site where Jews and Russians were killed wholesale.. It is without question the eeriest place I have ever been. While there, I was stunned by the absolute silence. The only sound was the wind in the trees. No birds made a sound, nothing. It was as if nature had abandoned the site with the exception of plants.

    No one on the grounds was saying anything. Just walking through, aghast at the graves, which simply had the number of corpses the allies THOUGHT were buried in them. 20,000, 40,000. A monument to human stupidity and cruelty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Husky15

    But you are right about one thing: they were only doing what they thought was right. And although what they thought was right was wrong and sick, it was what they believed in. Just like when we have a leader of some group or something we are a part of, they do what they think is right and we follow because we think it is right as well.
    I am not 100% sure on this. As a history major, I took several classes where we covered the Holocaust. I believe most did think they were doing the right but some things go beyond believing in a leader.

    Ilsa Koch was a wife of a Nazi commander. She used to ride in the camps half-naked and have anyone who looked severely whipped. She also kept a tattoo collection - not her own. What she kept was the skin of those who were murdered by taking photos of their tattoos while they lived and once dead (gassed, worked to death, etc.), she collected the real thing - the actual tattooed skin.

    This, among many other horrifying events, make me wonder if they were "just doing what they thought were right." The Holocaust went far beyond the murder of thousands.

    To put it simply (and please know I am NOT trying to 'simplyify' or lessen what happened), when a shelter has too many animals, sometimes they must be put down. They are gassed in mass numbered but NOT tortured first. It's horrible but some believe it must be done. The Nazis did not humanely 'put down' a race of people because they thought it had to be done.

    The Nazis tortured their victims to extreme degrees. They exploited them sexually, physically, and mentally. They starved them and worked them to death. Some were used for medical experiments.

    These, among other things, help me to think the Nazis went way beyond just 'doing what they thought was right.'
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    We finished the book. I went to the public library and checked out the other two books she wrote...the author was Livia Bitton-Jackson, if anyone wants to find the book. The other books are just as good, ones about the time from being liberated to when they were allowed to go to America. The other one's about her in america. i still can't stop thinking about the Holocaust. Unless of course I'm thinking about my baby, Cole. He went to RB jan. 11, 2007.
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