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Thread: Stormy!!!

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    You definitely are the Cat of the Day at our home, as we put your zen-like face on our screen!!!!!!!
    I just finished looking at posts under the cat rescue furr-um and how appropriate that you are shining for all of us today!! Great BIG attaboys to your humans for saving you from human un-kindness!!

    Purrrrrs to you and your family, feline, human and any other beings

    PS - Have your humans check out the Cat Rescue Pet Talk forum, and check out the Navy's latest policy!
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    Thank you so much for the siggies, PCB & Kfamr

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    GOD, you are beautiful, Stormy!
    Black cats are my weakness, I hope my Juni will have one day at least one black kitty. Her mother - Naomi - was totally black (yes, in honour of the other beautiful Naomi).
    Have a long life with your human friends and stay happy!

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    Stormy you are just sooo beautiful... thank goodness you were found that night so you can have happy days in your forever home. CONGRATULATIONS STORMY for being our most sweet COTD. I am sure you just love being held after your caught... Hope you get lots of extra love and scritches today Stormy.

    Alden is here!!
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    What an absolutely beautiful cat you are, Stormy. You represent one of the lucky ones, who has found a loving, patient family to live with as you get used to being with people. It sounds like your progress is extraordinary too! I could never find appropriate words to congratulate you on your special honor today, or to tell your family what a wonderful thing they are doing in rescue. Kudos to all of you!! Have a wonderful day, Stormy!!

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    You're just a doll Stormy!!! Thank goodness you've got a wonderful home and looks like you're in for a long happy life. Congratulations beautiful for being our COTD

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    Pretty Stormy!

    Stormy, your little face is so precious!!! You are cute to the max! And, you are obviously a very fortunate little girl to have been adopted into such a loving, affectionate family.

    Black beauties are always full of purrrrrsonality, and you're just wonderful. Congratulations on gracing all our computer screens today, precious COTD!!!!

    Snuggles, noserubs and purrrs...

    Bari and the Pride

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    Black Beauty

    You are one nice looking black cat. Congratulations for being the cat of the day Stormy. I hope you and your family celebrate and that you let down your guard the other feral cats taught you.


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    I can't stop looking at your picture, sweet Stormy!
    I just love the way you turned up your little paw. An that little nose, I just want to bite it, it's sooo cute.

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    Oh Stormy

    You are simply beautiful - and being black very very special. Your little face is adorable and I'm so pleased you found your forever home with your lovely family. Treats are the order of the day - hopefully. Lots of nose kisses and neck scritchies winging there way over to you xxxxxx

    Miaow Miaow Miaow Purr Purr Purr from Bagel, Ketchum and Dan - black furkids themselves xxxx.

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    Stormy, my goodness aren't you the pretty little girl. It sounds like you have a whole family of kitties to play with in your new home. Congratulations, dear, sweet Stormy Our Very Best Cat of the Day. I'm sure your family will have some very special treats for you and the other kitties on you very special day.
    Miss Daisy, Perry and Jackie

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    how lucky you are!

    stormy, one question---who do i have to kill to get my driver's license photo to look as good as your pic? lol! just kidding! seriously though, don't change a thing-you're perfection personified. i'm still floored by it.

    if it isn't covered in coarse animal hair, i don't want it!


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    What a stormy start you had in life sweetie. I'm so glad you now have a wonderful forever home and family. I hope you soon learn to trust and love them back. Congratulations on being our special Cat of the Day today.

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    As others have said, You are just Beautiful. Your sweet
    face is sooooo Pretty. I'm so happy to know that you
    were rescued and have a wonderful forever home now.
    HOORAY for all the caring people in this world !!!
    Many happy congratulations on being chosen for a day
    of honor today as our CAT OF THE DAY !!! I wish for you
    a lifetime of health & happiness with your new family...

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    Stormy, what can I say others haven't said already? You are absolutely cute and adorable. You look so cut on that pic, I love the way you have put your front paws, cute!

    Congrats Stormy, our COTD!

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    A big hello to Stormy from another San Josean and her kitty! What a pretty kitty you are and I'm so happy to hear you are a rescue since I feed and trap ferals myself. You have a beautiful and unusual, brown coat and lovely eyes. I know it will take time for you to trust humans, but when you finally decide to let your guard down, it will be worth it! Enjoy your life as a housecat!

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