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Thread: Puppy with a Broken Neck

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    Puppy with a Broken Neck

    Faith's story begins as a young pup growing up with her littermates. An energetic girl, always on the go, she was constantly ready to play and have some fun. She had the sweetest personality and adored attention. Her eyes would always catch me. Such deep soulful puppy eyes, and she had this endearing way of simply melting in my arms and gazing into my face... blissfully basking in puppy happiness.

    Life always manages to throw a curveball when least expected it seems. At just under 8 weeks of age, Faith's life took a drastic change. She was playing with her littermates in the puppy playpen when I heard her yelp, then start whining and crying. I found her laying on her side unable to move more than to flop her head around. She had no control over her hind legs, only a very minimal ability to use her front legs, and could only seem to move her head and shoulders and cry.

    A trip to the vet and x-rays confirmed our fears - she had broken her neck.
    The vet's prognosis was grim. There was no feasible option for surgery that could be done. Without being able to correct and immobilize her neck, her chances of recovery were nonexistent. We were told we had two options. The first was to put her down. The second was to hope for a miracle...

    She already has quite a fan club rooting for her, and I wanted to share her story (as it progresses) and updates. You can visit her page for updates on her progress and photos at this link:

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    Awwwwww. She is so adorable. Sad to hear what happened, but at least things are getting better. Such a doll though.
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    Oh My Stars! What A Trooper!

    I looked for a place for donations for her care. She is showing signs of improving. Hotties last back fracture they were grim too- well he made it. I pray the same for her. It does look promising. A dogs eyes tell the story, and her eyes are " I am down but not out!"

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    Faith is Truly adorable, and is just a sweet looking girl!!! She is an awsome dog. Her owners should be given an award for hat they have done for this little girl!! Bless you Faith!!!

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    Oh my gosh, what a ...journey. A faithful journey. Thank you for sharing her story, I'll be watching the updates. Your love is deep and true. Faith is a miracle, and God will use her story to inspire.

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    Lucky little lady........glad she´s getting better........

    there´s something about the site though.........It made me want one!!.....(I love greyhounds and the little italians are soo cute)

    I love the wya they lift their little pawsies (like pointers sort of)

    if you can please check the photo gallery and the last pic to the right, tell me if you don´t go awwwwww............
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    These darned sighthounds! A little brindle grey on another board also literally broke her neck. I'm pretty sure it had to do with French glass doors but I could be wrong. She healed, at any rate, and she found herself with a new fanclub at the same time. Good vibes going out to the little iggie!

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