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Thread: An old fossil came back

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    An old fossil came back

    Hi Iam a animal science major ////Retired and willing to help and learn from others . I had a few dogs among them was a dobie all gone now and I am to old to give an other dog a fair shake but I love animals that is dogs, cats and horses I have worked as a care giver to these animals and have studied behavior problems in them all . I do not know every thing but know someone who dose......Hugo

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! Have you considered adopting a senior dog from the shelter? It's not as long-term a commitment as a young pup would be, but would save a life, and enrich your own!

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    back to PT Hugo!!

    My name is Lut, and I am owned by 4 cats, a bunny and lots of fishes in our pond

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    yeah no one ever wants the seniors dogs but they're so special. And if you're still worried it's easy to find a rescue group(at least in a lot of areas) who will agree to take him once you are gone. Some even specialize in placing senior dogs with senior owners and are there to take them back if anything happens.

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