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Thread: Zippy-Kat's back home ~ Puter's Busted...

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    Zippy-Kat's back home ~ Puter's Busted...

    Update on our Zippy-Kat...

    For those that are wondering where Tonya (Zippy-Kat) has been for the last two weeks ~
    Here's the scoop ~

    Zippy, Mom, Dad and Sis Alyssa took a trip to West Virginia to visit/vacation with the family. Sadly, no puter available - so she's been a lil out of touch.

    They're all back home in Hobbs now - but the puter gremlins visited while they were gone and the family puter died from lack of use

    Zippy used a cousin's puter to peck out a quick short note to us (member she's still got the smart paw wrapped up in plaster - puter typing is still a big chore). She tried visiting the library to puter talk - but the wait time to get on was 6 hours and then 4 hours ; and I guess she didn't pack a lunch... Sounds like we'll see some Trip Tails - as soon as the puter crisis is resolved.

    Current plan is to run back to her skwel apartment and grab her puter on Thursday - so she otta be back in touch by Friday.

    No word on how Miz Sophie Bunnie handled the vacation seperation from Momma Zippy - (Soph didn't get to go on the big trip - she had a temp Bunnie Mom while they were gone...) ~ Hope Sophie will forgive her Mom.

    That's about all we know right now ~
    Stay tuned for further info!
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    Are we sure that a certain bunny didn't chew select wires and kill the computer as revenge?

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    Thanks for the update Phred! It's good to see you on Pet Talk again. I'm sure our sweet, adorable, honey bunny Miz Sophie was a perfect ANGEL while her mom was gone. (If you all believe that can I interest you in a bridge?) I hope Zippy's wing is better too.

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    Thank you for the update! I've missed her!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Thanks Phred for the update on Zippy cat. Zippy has
    really been missed around here.

    About the computer; maybe it could be a case of a
    very bored Miz Sophie bunny.

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    Thanks Phred for the Zippy update. Sure hope that she had a good time on her vacation and that her wrist is much better.

    I don't know, that Sophie Bunny is pretty clever - and she might want to be sure Tonya gives HER undivided attention and ignores the computer for a day or two, so she busted it on purpose!

    We are overdue for some old fashioned AMUCK around here - it will be good to have Tonya back!

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    Hiya Fred and thanks for the updated news on Tonya!! Poorly wing and all!!

    Bagel and Ketchum and Dan say - Mz Soffee wot ave youz been up to?!!!!! Chewing wires eh - yuckkkkkkky!! Bet youz woz fed up waiting for Parsley - aawwww.


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    Great to hear Zippy is ok and you too Phred!

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