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Thread: potty training and hoggin' all the food?

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    potty training and hoggin' all the food?

    What's the best way to break a puppy from going to the bathroom in the floor?? I've been going with yelling "NO" and putting her outside. Any better suggestion?????

    One more question, when I feed both my dogs Lilli Sue growls at my Skoob and tries to hog all of the food. I've tried putting food in two different bowls but Lilli will walk over to the other one Skoob is eating out of and growl again at him and start eating out of that one too! They've even kinda scrapped for a brief second until my son startled them!

    Any advice?

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    I would feed them seperately - one outside? one in his crate? in a different room... etc...

    As for the potty training... That's all I did (the NO! if i caught him, but you can't punish, or say NO if you don't catch them in the act!!!!!) - and even though it seems like it's not working... as long as you are consistant it WILL work. Like, one day I realized , HEY! Smokey hasn't gone potty in the house in days. WOO HOOOOO! Of course, they are puppies and accidents do happen.

    Good luck

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    As far as puppy-training goes, telling her no and putting her outside is a great start. If you are not doing this already, let her out every half hour, plus after eating, before and after bed and playtime. It sounds like a lot, but the more she goes to the bathroom outside the faster she'll learn not to go inside. After she can easily last a half hour, up the time to an hour or 45 minutes. When you are not home, confine her. If you are gone more than she can hold it, put down paper in a place other than her bed. I was lucky and managed to have both my dogs house-broken at 3 months of age. It is really just a matter of training yourself, when the puppy will need to go.

    For feeding, I would try seperating the dogs with a baby gate. They will get used to each other's presence while eating, but no "fighting" should occur (unless one jumps the gate). My pups used to gooble and compete over food. Once they got used to each other and realized there was never going to be a kibble shortage, they relaxed.

    Good luck with the training!

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    Just wanted to share that I have to
    feed Rocky and Sheba separately.
    At first it was a little bit of a pain, but I got
    use to it very fast.

    Sheba gets fed in the house and ROcky
    and Pepper get fed outside together.

    Now both dogs can relax when they eat and
    I do not have to worry about WW3 starting.

    If they do not start eating their food with-in
    20 minutes I pick up the bowl and put it in
    the fridge for a later meal.
    Thus no food bowl guarding.


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    I was hoping maybe they would learn to eat with eachother, they still may, I don't know, but I think I will try one outside and the other in for now.

    The potty training will need a little more work, she's doing better then she was but she's got a ways to go yet.

    Thanks again for the replys everyone!

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