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Thread: The Dog Bible

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    The Dog Bible

    Has anyone heard of it or read it? I might be getting it as an early x-mas present! yay! I animal informational books. Other books sort of bore me! lol
    I'm A Proud Sister of TWO Pugs

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    What are some good pet books you've read lately?
    I'm A Proud Sister of TWO Pugs

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    I have it, have not yet read it, but it's in my pile to read.

    I just finished "Getting Lucky" which is a very sweet, sad but good story of a woman who runs a hospice for dying animals called Angel's Gate. Lucky was a Great Dane that went to live there instead of being put to sleep.

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    Oh cool! I'm gonna have to start a book list I have so many books I need to read that I can't keep track of them! lol
    I'm A Proud Sister of TWO Pugs

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